Increasing Home Value with Roofing Projects

The Potential Value of Roofing Renovations

Whether you’re looking to sell right now or trying to improve your long-term investment, it’s never a bad time to increase home value. When you’re spending so much money on any sort of renovation, it’s important to choose projects that will give you a strong return on investment.

If increasing home value is your main objective, exterior home renovations are your best option. Not only do they boost curb appeal (which can directly increase home value by up to 17%), but they also help the property stand up against the Northern Virginia climate. The combination of curb appeal and peace of mind helps you create a great first impression with buyers and increase home value in ways that interior renovations can’t.

In this installment, we’re going to talk about how roofing projects increase home value. We’ll discuss the potential ROI of roofing renovations as well as the 5 different types of roofing materials that make sense in the Northern Virginia region.

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