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We repair, replace, and install gutters in Alexandria, VA.
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Alexandria Gutters

Alexandria averages 43.6 inches of rain each year, a bit above the average total rainfall for the US -- and that doesn’t include the annual 7.2 inches of snow and ice! It is estimated that a single inch of rainwater means nearly 2,000 gallons of H2O rushing over your rooftop and through your gutter system. Can your gutters withstand more than 87,000 gallons of precipitation each year? 

Gutter inspection

Exterior Medics specializes in inspecting gutters in Alexandria, VA to identify problems like:

  • Leaking
  • Clogs
  • Sagging
  • Disjointing
  • Dents
  • Rust damage
All of which, can jeopardize the integrity of your house and lead to interior water damage. To help preserve the value of your home, our Exterior Medics roofing contractor promise 100% satisfaction, timely inspections and comprehensive maintenance. 
Installing and maintaining gutters

Residents living in neighborhoods like Old Town have large trees surrounding their homes and more eaves, floors and overhangs in line with historic architecture. Homes such as these have different gutter system requirements. Eisenhower Valley and Del Ray residents are equipped with more modern gutter systems. We have a variety of replacement solutions to fit any type of structure, including:

  • Built-in gutters, which fit directly into the home’s roofing
  • Aluminum gutters, which are cost effective, available in a variety of colors and resist rust.
  • Copper gutters, which require minimal maintenance, are long lasting and resist rust.

It’s important to remember that all gutters require regular maintenance. The material and age of your gutter system influence the type and frequency of care it needs. In addition to repair and replacement services, Exterior Medics roofing contractors also provide in-house consultations to discuss the condition of your gutter system and possible remedies.

Quality Craftsmanship and Excellent Service

Our reputation for quality home improvement solutions is driven by our deep-seated commitment to our beloved customers and craftsmanship. We follow the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Code of Ethics and wholeheartedly believe that honest communication and prompt service should come standard.

Prepare your home for the year ahead by enlisting the help of Exterior Medics for your gutters in Alexandria, VA today!

Work completed quickly and with high quality. Two years later still looks new. Barton Weick - Homeowner
I like their professionalism, quality and reliability. Henry Jenkins - Homeowner
These guys did a fantastic job. They were accommodating to my schedule, worked very quickly, answered all of my questions with in-depth responses and an overall delight to deal with. Nathan M. - Homeowner
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