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Get to know the happy faces that make up Exterior Medics!
From our lovable executives to our genial and dedicated office and field staff, we believe that our company is only as good as the people that comprise it. We proudly introduce you to the amazing individuals behind our stellar home improvement company!


Joe LeVecchi
Joe LeVecchi


Joe is a lighthearted leader with a penchant for adventure and one memorable laugh. He is a devoted husband to his wife, a loving father to his children and the infectiously happy force behind Exterior Medics. 

Alongside his partner, Mark, Joe was determined to create a home improvement company built on a happy workforce and the loyalty of happy clients.


  • Joe is an avid camper. 
  • He's a passionate fan of the Washington Football Team.
Mark Watson
Mark Watson


Mark is the co-owner of Exterior Medics. Bedford, England-born and travel bug, Mark Watson, has lived all over the world — from The Netherlands to Mississippi, and even Hawaii — prior to settling down and calling Northern Virginia his home with the love of his life and his daughters.

Alongside his partner Joe, Mark envisioned a company that puts family values, honesty, and a dynamic and compassionate leadership at its core. 


  • Mark likes to sport silly socks at work to make his daughters smile.
  • He's a BIG fan of the Washington Football Team. 
Ricardo Castillo
General Manager

aka "Ricky"

Ricky hails from Caracas, Venezuela and is one tough cookie with a competitive spirit. He is unfazed by naysayers and performs extremely well under pressure. 


  • When it comes to a good meal, Ricky loves nothing more than a good hearty steak with a side of rice, chased by a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade.
  • Ricky thinks he's mean but he's a teddy bear at heart (Don't tell him we said that).


Lauren Edwards
Lauren Edwards
Head of Culture & Organizational Strategy

aka "Lo Lo"

Lauren was born in Rahway, New Jersey. She lived in Hawaii for five years and had two birds as a child, named Frank & Stein.


  • Lauren loves her soup.
  • Her favorite movie is Adaptation.
  • She was a member of a hip-hop dance team in college.



April Wright
Accounting Director


Fun Facts:

  • Big football fan and her team is the Cowboys (but we love her anyway!)
  • She is the only person on the planet who actually loves candy corn.
  • She has 2 daughters, 2 sons and 1 Maltipoo
  • She grew up in Charles Town, WV and then Leesburg, VA
  • She loves to bowl
Joe Cotto - Company Photo
Joe Cotto
Accounting Assistant


Born in Germany with family on his mother’s side still over there, Deutschland is Joe's favorite place to visit for sure. He's traveled to so many different countries because his Dad was in the Army. Most recently, he lived in North Carolina the longest, before moving to Virginia in 2019. Thus, his story continues.

Fun Facts:
  • Joe ran cross-country/track in college and running is still his passion, along with basketball.
  • Participating in races and going to different dog parks with his wife and dog are his favorite things to do on the weekend.
  • He's been a vegan for five years in a row, so he's always down to go to any rare vegan restaurants he can find. Do you know any? Send Joe an email!
Jasmine Seth
Senior Client Experience Specialist

aka "Jazzy"

Fun Facts:

  • Originally from Long Island, raised in NOVA.
  • She was named after Princess Jasmine.
  • She has been to Disney 30+ times including CA and FL. Her goal is to go to every park in the world at least once.
  • Enjoys volunteering with High School students and working with the youth.
  • Welcomed her daughter Isabella to the family in June 2020. 
Maria Pereyra - Company Photo Square
Maria Pereyra
Client Experience Specialist


Maria was recently working in the mortgage industry as a Loan Processing Assistant before coming over to the Exterior Medics family. As a horror movie fanatic, she goes out of her way to collect horror movie memorabilia. In her free time, you can find her traveling to different states or doing outdoor activities with her family. 
Fun Facts:
  • Her favorite fruits are mangos and passion fruits. 
  • She loves to collect trolls and crystals.
  • She will beat you in a cycling class. 
  • Her all-time favorite TV show is Daria. 
  • Do you know anything about Buddhism? She would love to talk to someone about it and learn more. 
Angela Prine
Human Resources Assistant


Angela was born and raised 30 minutes outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and transplanted to NOVA in late 2019 to get married. She became a full-time parent to an incredible 11-year-old son who has redefined her view on life.


Fun Facts:

Adventurous spirit – she has gone sky diving, hand gliding, white water rafting, and riding motorcycles, but now enjoys time on the water, fishing, camping, and going to the gun range.

Documentary junkie – anything true crime, environmental or historical, she also enjoys YouTube reaction videos (of people watching educational documentaries).

Music – classic rock or Christian, but she often surprises people with her music library; she's also been expanding her vinyl collection over the last few years.

Passion for art – loves street, graffiti, and expressionist art, favorite artists are Banksy, Carlos Almaraz, and Jean-Michael Basquiat.

She loves the University of Georgia and has turned her husband and son into DAWG fans – their English Bulldog, Graves, is the grandson of the UGA mascot UGA VI!

Her Life's Goal is to make her family more sustainable. They compost, recycle, have a fruit and veggie garden, and always look for ways to make or build something versus buying it. Currently working towards becoming plastic-free, she attributes this passion to her Native American lineage.


Josh Bond-1
Josh Bond
Sales Manager


The name is Bond... Josh Bond. Born in Manassas, Virginia, Josh loves to watch movies, hike, and play golf.


  • Redbull gives Josh wings.
  • He tried skydiving once and swears NEVER AGAIN.
  • Seafood is his favorite grub.
Tom Green
Sales Consultant


  • Tom was born in Omaha, Nebraska but has lived in Virginia for eons and eons. He is a dedicated husband and father of two, and enjoys going on family adventures to explore all that the area has to offer.
  • His favorite genre is post-apocalyptic science fiction.
  • Tom was drinking vinegar and pickle juice way before it was cool to do so.
  • He plays in several club soccer leagues.
Steve Harper
Steve Harper
Sales Consultant

aka "Harper"

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Harper spends his free time in the outdoors pursuing adventures. He loves hiking and kayaking and is an official adult volunteer for Boy Scouts of America. 

Fun Facts:

  • Harper's favorite movie is Unforgiven.
  • He used to be in a punk rock band.
  • His favorite meal is a rack of lamb.
Ben Franceschi
Ben Franceschi
Sales Consultant

aka "Boo"

Born in Chesapeake, Virginia, Boo loves to play golf and whip up amazing dishes in his kitchen. Recently welcomed his beautiful baby girl, Hazel, into this world.

Fun Facts:

  • Boo used to play college baseball.
  • His favorite movie is For The Love Of The Game.
Paul Rorer
Sales Consultant

aka "PJ"

Fun Facts:

  • Jersey born, Pennsylvania raised and East Coast made. He is always trying to find the silver lining in any situation and has the corniest jokes.
  • Family and friends first.
  • Will salsa for tacos.
  • “It’s not always about the destination, it’s the journey”.
Ron Rodriguez - Company Photo-1
Ron Rodriguez
Sales Consultant


Ron was born in New York, raised in the Tampa Bay area (go Bucs!) and went to Florida State University. He's lived in the DC area for almost 10 years; he finally got to see snow and still doesn't know how to drive in it.

Fun Facts:

  • Rock n roll, football, and old comedy movies are his favorite, especially combined together with friends. 
  • He's always looking to have fun and tell bad jokes at a rate of 2.3 per hour.
  • Recently learned chess and can beat most six-year-olds. "It's all about being mentally focused."
  • His favorite quote, "So you're saying there's a chance?!" 


Ernesto Lopez
Ernesto Lopez
Senior Project Manager

aka "Neto"

Fun Facts:

  • Neto is from El Salvador.
  • He has two beautiful children.
  • He loves to ride his motorcycle.
  • He enjoys watching soccer with his family.
Nichole Baker - 2nd Company PhotoSQUARE
Nichole Baker
Production Assistant

aka "Nikki"

Nikki was born and raised in Northern VA. She followed her passion for fashion design to college in Atlanta, GA. After college, she had a few fashion events in her community, and at various nightclubs in the DC area (Zanzibar, Love, + more). She's worked in the construction industry for most of her entire career. 

Fun Facts:

  • Nikki really enjoys cooking. She'll cook anything, including international foods.
  • She enjoys yoga, Zumba, and Sip&Paints (she loves to draw).
  • Her travel goals are to visit Jamaica, Italy, and Paris.
  • Her favorite motto is, "we only live once so LIVE it and enjoy it to the fullest." 


Brad (2)
Brad Chamberlin
Project Manager


Brad is passionate about anything outside, or fitness related! You can find him spending time outside of work going on a hike with his dogs,

playing or watching any sport.

Property Management

Gabriela Torres
Gabriela Torres
Property Management Liaison

aka "Gabi"

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Gabi adds some of the Caribbean warmth to the Property Management world. When she is not in the office you can find her with her friends and family enjoying some quality time (seriously, they are very close)!

Fun Facts:

  • She is a true crime junkie. From podcasts to TV shows she truly enjoys learning about the psychology that drives people to do the unimaginable.
  • She has a Cocker Spaniel named Bailey.
  • One thing she can’t live without is her yearly trip to New York City.
  • Gabi is an avid animal lover and hopes to one day be able to visit the Territorio de Zaguates (an island in Costa Rica that is an animal shelter to over 1,000 dogs)!!
  • Her favorite movie is Gia.
  • Her favorite way to relax is by practicing Vinyasa yoga.
Melanie Sheehan
Melanie Sheehan
Community Coordinator

aka "Mel"

Fun Facts:
  • Goes by Mel, Melanie, Melania, Melaynie whatever.
  • Born in Buffalo and raised in Rochester New York (Go Bills!)
  • In love with NYC and moved there after high school to work as a live-in nanny while interning at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Music lover but mostly listens to reggae.
  • Moved to NOVA in 2014 where she met the love of her life.
  • Recently had a daughter in April.
  • Melanie and her family are avid campers, adventure seekers and prefer “itinerary-less” vacations.
  • She is determined to explore New Zealand and all its beauty and tour where LOTR was filmed.
  • Melanie is passionate about preserving wildlife and contributes to WWF each year.
  • Her favorite animal is the panda bear!
Ally Medina - Company Photo Square
Ally Medina
Community Coordinator


Alejandra Medina aka Ally. Ally has called NOVA home since the age of six, having
hailed from Chihuahua, Mexico. She's been in the property management industry
since 2016 and values the Covey motto, "seek first to understand, before being
understood," as a guide for work and life.

Fun Facts:

  • She has a little raptor she adores
    spending time with (her son Kai born in 2020).
  • Obsessed with The Great British
    Bake Off and Golden Girls.
  • Must have coffee daily.
Naiomi (2)
Naomi Aguirre Diaz
Community Coordinator


Naomi grew up in Harrisonburg, VA, and after high school graduation, she moved to Newport News, VA, to attend Christopher Newport University, where she studied Accounting. Naomi has been in the property management field since 2019 and is also a licensed real estate sales agent. She likes to spend her free time at soccer games, volunteering, or spending time with her nephew.


Fun Facts:

She has Yorkie named Coconut (Coco for short) that she adores!

Naomi takes pride in her Hispanic culture and loves spending time with her community.

She loves to watch baking and real estate shows!

Inspectors & Technicians

James Oksanen
Senior Inspector

aka "Jimmy Matt"

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, nothing beats a good gyro or an awesome slice of pizza as a snack according to Jimmy.


  • Jimmy was once bitten by a wolf.
  • If you're out of champagne, he'll take a cola.
  • His favorite movie is Kung Fury.
Nestor Mendez
Nestor Mendez
  • Born and raised in Venezuela.
  • Loves sports, especially baseball.
  • Happily married with a beautiful daughter.
  • Studied industrial engineering,
  • Loves going to comedy shows.
Einnel Quintero - Company Photo-1
Einnel Quintero
Moises Ventura
Moises Ventura
Repair Technician
Wilbur Argueta
Wilbur Argueta
Repair Technician
Samuel Quintero - Company Photo
Samuel Quintero
Repair Technician
Ariel (2)
Ariel Mercado
Field Supervisor


Ariel was born in Bolivia and has lived in Northern Virginia for most of his life. He enjoys watching sports, playing pool, and playing video games.


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