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Give residents their own personal sanctuary with decking and railing repair and refurbishment for multifamily communities.
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Enhance Your Community With Patios & Balconies

In a multifamily community, residents enjoy having an outdoor space of their own where they can relax and enjoy nature. Unit decks and patios provide this escape, but property managers must ensure that these areas meet important safety standards. Exterior Medics is here to make that happen. We offer complete deck refurbishment services, from minor repairs such as board replacements to a total deck replacement with all new material.

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Get Worry-Free Outdoor Spaces

For residents, having their own outdoor space is a major perk, but we understand that worries about safety can place an undue burden on property managers. At Exterior Medics, we alleviate these concerns with comprehensive decking and railing repair and restoration services. We can help with visible issues such as deteriorating deck boards, rotting, or sagging and buckling — eliminating eyesores and the potential for accidents.

Whether your decking needs a complete overhaul or a simple refresh, we can make it happen. We provide deck and unit balcony refurbishments throughout the year, from single unit repairs to community wide reconstruction, utilizing materials such as Dec-Tec, wood, and Trex. For decks that look worn but are still structurally sound, we offer power washing and staining that will deliver a fresh, updated look.

Providing a Safe Sanctuary

The Sanderling Community needed new decks and balconies for all of their units, an enormous undertaking that would require careful planning to ensure residents aren’t disturbed. See how our communication contributed to the project’s success.

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At Exterior Medics, we put safety first, from installation, when we board up working areas and communicate the dangers to residents, to the end result, where residents get a nice, new, safe deck and the community can rest easy knowing our work will be structurally sound for years to come, thanks to our Extended Deck Warranty. Working with Exterior Medics means that both your residents as well as your investment will be protected.

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