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When it comes to renovations, seeing is believing. To demonstrate the range of what we can do, we're featuring some of our best residential and commercial work. You can get the beautiful, updated look you desire with professional exterior renovations from Exterior Medics. Explore the before and after photos for some of our past projects and be inspired!

The Hampton Project

Through the Panes:  A Window Project Unveiled

When Dan Hampton purchased his house, he was well aware that the windows would require attention sooner rather than later. Dealing with functional yet subpar builder-grade windows, Dan sought an upgrade not just for efficiency but also for the aesthetics and functionality of his home. Enter Exterior Medics, a local company that would not only meet but exceed Dan's expectations.

The Lindsey Project

A Need for A Personal Touch

In the charm of a 1950s split-level house, Chris Lindsey discovered more than just a residence; it became the canvas for a transformative vision. This is the story of a home that underwent a remarkable metamorphosis, thanks to the expertise of Exterior Medics.

The Bouza Project

A Need for A Personal Touch

When Amanda and Joe Bouza found their dream house, they were thrilled with its turnkey readiness. However, the exterior lacked the personal touch they envisioned. Determined to infuse their personality into their new home, they embarked on a journey with Exterior Medics to transform their house into a stunning reflection of their style and preferences.

The Alonso Project

Unleashing Architectural Potential: A Shared Passion for Excellence

When two entities driven by a shared passion for their crafts join forces, remarkable things happen. Exterior Medics, with their extensive experience in both residential and commercial projects, perfectly complements the Alonso's architectural expertise.

The Peacock Project

A First Impression That Lasted

Michael Peacock's journey with Exterior Medics began in 2010 when he decided to hire the young and enthusiastic company to install a cedar shingle roof on his home. From the start, he was impressed by the owners, Joe and Mark, who were eager to prove themselves and stand behind their work. With a whole crew in tow, Exterior Medics quickly and efficiently completed the installation project.

The Pierce Project

The Road to a Dry and Happy Home

Growing up in Fairfax, Virginia, Courtney Pierce had a special connection to the home she eventually purchased - it was just two houses down from where she was raised. As a young DIY enthusiast, she was excited to tackle various home improvement projects but quickly realized there were some areas she was better off leaving to the professionals. One such area was the roof of her home, which was constantly leaking and in need of repair.

The Brown Project

Roof Leaks Brought on By Storms

Jeri Brown and her son Dale are happy to call Woodbridge home. After being raised in the area, Jeri decided to stay and make roots for her family. Her beautiful home has provided a sanctuary for her over the years. So when several rounds of heavy rain storms caused her roof to leak, she found that some of her comfort was taken away.

Jeri could see a spot forming on the ceiling in her bedroom. Because of the storm, she knew she had to get insurance involved to get her roof taken care of. However, accomplishing that was easier said than done. She needed professionals to help her navigate the claim process; someone who was used to dealing with insurance companies.

The Su Project

A Leak Caused By Solar Panels

Eastor Su wanted an easier commute to her job in Washington, D.C. Living in Alexandria provided an ideal solution: the picturesque town is cited as one of the best places to live in Virginia. Eastor was thrilled to find the perfect home for her. However, when the roof began leaking, her new sanctuary was at risk of becoming an expensive problem. As she dug further into the issue, she realized that an improper installation of her neighbor’s solar panels was to blame for the leak. At that point, water had been leaking in for about five years, and the damage to the interior had already taken root.

It was time to call a professional to fix the issue.

The Derbes Project

Leaking Windows Led to Staining

Originally from Baton Rouge, LA, the Derbes family has called Alexandria, Virginia home for around ten years. After a decade of living in the home—with windows that had been installed years prior—the family wasn’t surprised to discover that a few windows had sprung leaks. It began with water trickling down the wall underneath the windows in the master bedroom, creating drywall discoloration that ran from the sill to the baseboard.

Dan Derbes knew that the time had come to replace the home’s windows, which set off his search for a professional solution.

The Specht Project

Fixing A Forever Home

The Spechts first bought their home 25 years ago. Over time, natural aging and weathering had led to exterior deterioration. The Spechts knew the day had come to take care of a few repairs. A bit of rot had shown up on the trim of some windows and doors, and the family figured their home would need a small refresh to fix these visible issues. After a few unpleasant experiences with contractors in the past, the Spechts knew the importance of hiring the right person for the job. They wanted a company who could do work that would last. This led them to Exterior Medics.

The Stone Project

A Mysterious Leak

After a major storm passed through and scattered debris, Richard Stone noticed a leak had sprung in his bathroom ceiling. The leak started slowly, but when the family noticed the lights blinking, they knew it was time to call in a professional. Multiple calls to other contractors produced no results—no one seemed able to determine where the leak was coming from. With no straightforward answers and no clear path forward, the Stone family was stuck, with no workable solution to move them forward..

The Dean Project

A Leaky Situation

When the Deans initially bought their home, they knew it would need some work down the line. But the fixer upper had plenty to offer their family. They purchased the home, planning to take care of issues as they appeared. While some problems don’t need to be solved right away, others are harder to ignore. The Deans needed to address their leaking roof before it caused further damage.

The Aikman Project

Something Wasn’t Quite Right

Born in the D.C. area, the Aikmans were returning after years away. They found a 200-year-old farmhouse they fell in love with and chose to call it home. It wasn’t long before they began to notice some issues with the exterior that didn’t seem quite right. It started with concerns about the gutter system and expanded from there. They wanted to get the envelope of the house inspected by a professional to identify potential problems, so the Aikmans enlisted Exterior Medics to help.

The Langenwalter Project

Time for New Siding

The Lagenwalters loved their home of 25 years, but they recognized that their original aluminum siding was nearing the end of its lifespan. Over time, it has given way to damage, with visible buckling and denting. They discovered that their old siding was not only looking worn, but it was also causing some leaking into their home. Seeking a solution, the Lagenwalters began their search for a company who could help.

The Bennett Project

Revitalizing an Older Home’s Exterior

After 25 years of marriage, the Bennetts were excited to embark on their next great adventure: purchasing a large home with plenty of land. However, they knew the 20-year-old home would need some work soon after moving in. When they began noticing puddles forming, they realized the time to act had come. The Bennetts called Exterior Medics to replace the roof and skylights, refresh the exterior with paint, and update the trim.

The Pharis Project

Solving a Mystery Leaking Problem

Leaks are one of the most frustrating issues that homeowners experience. Not only do you have to address the problem, but you also have to potentially deal with any collateral damage that results from water seeping into your home. Cathy Pharis was tired of placing buckets on the floor to collect water. After many other contractors attempted and failed to determine the root cause of the leaks, she called Exterior Medics. We provided the solution: new second-story windows that were as gorgeous as they were strong and protective.

The Kosik Project

Beautiful on the Inside and Outside

When David Kosik and his partner Ted found their new home, they fell in love with the layout of the interior. However, they decided right away that the exterior needed an overhaul: the roofing was dilapidated, the paint color and finish was not their style, the gutters needed to be replaced, and the shutters needed some love. David and Ted wanted a team that could help them do it all, so they reached out to Exterior Medics. With new roofing, siding, and more, we ensured they were able to come home to a beautiful house.

The Cooper Project

A Roof With a View

The Coopers had a decision to make. The last of their children had left their suburban home, and they had the opportunity to live where they wanted. They made the decision to move closer to the city, purchasing a luxury high-rise condominium in a beautiful building with a view. The only issue? The rooftop patio was in dire need of repair. Water from roof leaks was causing damage in other areas of the home, and the couple was unable to use the space to appreciate the view they coveted. The Coopers contacted Exterior Medics for help so they could truly enjoy their new home.

Katarina's Home

New Style After the Storm

Sometimes, a remodeling project comes from a planned venture to create your dream home. Other times, it arises from necessity. The latter was the case for Katarina’s home, which experienced damage after a strong storm rolled through the area. What started as an unplanned undertaking to fix something broken resulted in an updated exterior look that brought the home into a new decade of style.

Connie’s Home

Turning a New House Into a Family’s Dream Home

Clients have different goals when embarking on home renovations. Some want us to preserve the look of a home while updating it with new materials. Others, like Connie, want a completely revamped style. We knew this renovation would be an enormous undertaking, and we were excited to take part in such an ambitious overhaul. Even so, the end result surpassed everyone’s expectations, and the project turned out to be our most extensive exterior residential remodel of 2018.

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