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Winter Home Tips & Maintenance Guide

Mark Watson, September 5
Is your home ready for winter this year? If you've noticed your home struggling to keep itself warm during the pastfalse

Why You Should Clean Your Home’s Gutters for Fall

Mark Watson, August 30
Fall tends to be peak season for home maintenance tasks. As it cools off (and the leaves begin to fall), there are afalse

Build a DIY Playhouse for Your Family

Mark Watson, August 15
A playhouse is a fantastic addition to your home. Not only will your kids enjoy it, but it adds value to your property,false

How to Convert Your Garage into a Living Space with Exterior Medics

Mark Watson, July 25
It's time. You need more space. But you've spent a lot of time making your house a home, and you're not ready to move. false

Find the Best Type of Roof Shingles for Your Next Renovation

Mark Watson, July 11
Are you looking for a roofing company in Maryland? Before you make a decision about your new roof, you may want tofalse

Vinyl Siding vs. Cedar Siding

Mark Watson, June 18
Vinyl siding and cedar siding—while both of them will protect your home, they couldn't be more different. Vinyl sidingfalse

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Mark Watson, June 4
Are you cleaning your gutters often enough? Your home's gutters can easily be forgotten, as they are out of sight andfalse

5 Signs That You Might Have a Drainage Problem

Mark Watson, May 21
Are you worried that your home could have a drainage problem? That's not something that you can ignore. You need tofalse

How to Choose the Right Type of Window Coverings for Your Home

Mark Watson, May 7
After you have installed the right windows, it’s time to dress them in the right coverings. Blinds, curtains, shades,false

The 17th Annual Together in Teal - Ending Ovarian Cancer Walk

Exterior Medics, April 25
Exterior Medics is happy to announce our support of the 17th annual “Together in Teal” - Ending Ovarian Cancer walk onfalse