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5 Window Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Mark Watson, August 25
For some, windows can be an afterthought -- but they shouldn't be. Windows are one of the most important exteriorfalse

Masonry Warning Signs and Why They Could Spell Trouble

Joe LeVecchi, August 11
It's easy to overlook warning signs in masonry. Most people expect their masonry to be a little imperfect over time,false

Common Siding Issues and How to Tackle Them

Mark Watson, July 21
Your home's siding represents not only the look and feel of your home but also its strength and protection. Extendingfalse

How Hot Weather Can Impact Your Home’s Exterior

Joe LeVecchi, July 7
As we approach the hottest month of the year, it's important to think about the changes the heat from the sun may causefalse

What Do Termites Do to Your Home?

Mark Watson, June 23
About 600,000 homes experience termite-related damage every year. But what exactly do termites do to your home?false

What Is the ROI on Exterior Renovations?

Joe LeVecchi, June 9
Exterior renovations serve many purposes. First, you want to make sure your home is protected. You want to repair anyfalse

Your Siding Style: Choosing the Best Type of Siding for Your Home

Exterior Medics, May 19
Your siding is for more than just protecting your home. It's about the appearance of your property, too. When youfalse

Let There Be Light: All About Skylights

Exterior Medics, May 6
Skylights are a great way to introduce more natural light into your property. But many people aren't using skylights orfalse

Dreaming About Doors: Custom Exterior Door Possibilities

Exterior Medics, April 21
Exterior doors add a lot of character to your home, but many don't think about replacing them when they're thinkingfalse

Gutter Style: Go Beyond Traditional

Exterior Medics, April 7
Gutters don't have to be boring. Many homeowners think of gutters as something bland that they need to have. They'refalse