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8 Upgrades That’ll Make You Thankful for Your Home

Exterior Medics, November 19
It's that time of the year again — time to think about all those exceptional things that make you feel thankful.false

Scary Home Issues That Should Make You Scream

Exterior Medics, October 26
Here's something scarier than skeletons: toxic black mold. Let's face it. Being a homeowner is scary. There are tons offalse

Focusing on What Matters This Year and Always

Exterior Medics, October 25
When life doesn’t go as planned, we can often fall into the trap of wishing we’d done things differently. 2020 hasfalse

Cold Weather Culprits: The Most Common Ways a Home Loses Energy

Exterior Medics, October 6
Fall is here, and winter is on its way. The cold weather is here to stay for a while, but we can remain comfortablefalse

15 DIY Projects for Each Room of Your Home

Exterior Medics, September 18
Are you experiencing the DIY bug? Every once in a while, people get the urge to improve their surroundings. But when itfalse

All About Proper Home Insulation

Exterior Medics, September 1
A lot of people don't worry about their home insulation. They purchase a home and assume it's well-insulated, and whilefalse

Getting Schooled on Masonry: Common Home Exterior Projects

Exterior Medics, August 7
One of the oldest forms of construction, masonry is the art of crafting buildings and other structures from stone,false

DIY Door and Window Trim Painting

Mark Watson, July 8
Don't let your home look old and uncared for. When the paint around your doors and windows becomes dull and dirty, itfalse

6 Projects to Tackle When You're Stuck at Home

Mark Watson, June 17
Are you getting stir-crazy, stuck at home during the quarantine? Take advantage of the extra time by tackling some homefalse

Small Changes, Big Impact: 8 Mini Reno Projects

Joe LeVecchi, June 3
You love your home, but maybe it isn't your dream home—yet. If you're spending a lot of time at home recently, you'refalse