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Vinyl Sliding

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When it comes to renovations, seeing is believing. To demonstrate the range of what we can do, we're featuring some of our best residential and commercial work. You can get the beautiful, updated look you desire with professional exterior renovations from Exterior Medics. Explore the before and after photos for some of our past projects and be inspired!

Sentry Ridge

Setting the Stage for Success

With our extensive experience in addressing water entry concerns, we knew we were the ideal choice for this project. Our knowledgeable team thoroughly assessed the buildings, developed a detailed plan, and initiated clear communication with the community. Our focus on timing and minimizing inconvenience ensures a streamlined process for residents.

The Gables

Ensuring Resident Safety and Satisfaction

Safety was paramount throughout the project. To ensure a successful outcome, we established a dedicated onsite management team, including an assistant manager, to oversee the project's various components. Additionally, our community coordinators worked closely with the property manager, engineer, and affected residents to facilitate clear and consistent communication. We understood the importance of keeping everyone informed and addressing any concerns promptly.

The South Shore Harbor Project

Upgrading the Resident Experience

South Shore Harbor is a cozy creekside community in Germantown, Maryland. With its idyllic location, it offers residents a peaceful place to call home. To ensure the property delivered on its promise to best serve their residents, the time had come to make some much-needed upgrades. The original scope called for replacing the siding in the breezeways. Over time, the old breezeways in the community had become old and tattered, with flashing that was in dire need of replacement. The hangers on the stairs had grown corroded and needed to be replaced. In addition, the community wanted to begin the transition from vinyl to James Hardie siding, knowing that it would be a sound long-term investment.

The Sander’s Mill Project

It Would Be Their Largest Project to Date

Sander’s Mill is a close-knit community that many residents have called home for years, with a good portion having lived there since it was first built. The property management company is responsible for maintenance for its 24 buildings and 96 condos. So when there are clear issues with the exterior, not only does this affect the residents, but it also affects the resale value of units. If properties aren’t selling, then value is going down, and everyone loses.

The Stratford Place Project

Making Old New Again

Water intrusion from inadequate flashing was just the beginning for Stratford Place. It prompted them to begin the search for a contractor, but they would soon realize that the project would require many moving parts. After reaching out to Exterior Medics, we met with the community’s board members to see what was needed and discuss the scope.

The Courtbridge II Project

Fixing Unsafe Balconies

Courtbridge of Arlington is a small, quiet community surrounded by nature and close to multiple amenities. Built in 1982, it is well-established, but this longevity also means that maintenance is important in keeping the community updated.

With nine buildings and 58 total units, the project was already shaping up to be a large one from the start. The balconies and decks on the units needed major rehabilitation. In most cases, due to structural issues, they would need to be torn down and rebuilt.

The Tiers Project

A Project That Doubled in Size

The Tiers at Silver Spring offers cozy condominium homes in an active, established community. Over time, many of their exterior elements had weathered and needed a refresh. With 173 units and a request for renovated roofing, siding, gutters, and trim, we knew it was going to be a big job. After digging into the bones of the buildings, however, we realized it would be a much bigger project than what we had planned.

The Sanderling Project

Building an Outdoor Oasis

For multifamily units, maintaining the outside is just as important as keeping up with the inside. When the Sanderling Condominium community needed new balconies and decks for all of their units, they wanted to work with a company they could trust to complete the job without interrupting the daily life of residents. With an experienced team and a streamlined plan for communication, Exterior Medics rebuilt the outdoor areas for the property’s upper-level units, giving residents a safe and stylish place to relax.

The Medinah Project

Beauty & Value in Just Four Months

When we began working on the Medinah Homes condominium community, we knew we were embarking on an enormous undertaking. While others may have felt intimidated at such an extensive remodeling project, Exterior Medics was pumped and motivated for the job. Projected to take six months to complete, the Medinah renovation demanded an extensive time commitment as well as the expertise to adhere to the high-quality standards that the community residents had come to expect.

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