Ensure your buildings are structurally sound with professional exterior finished carpentry.
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Got Compromised Wood Structures? Get Expert Exterior Finished Carpentry

What’s going on behind the wood structures in your community? Damage from rot, termites, or moisture isn’t always apparent, and if not taken care of, runs the risk of compromising your buildings’ structural integrity. Ensure your residents are safe with professional exterior carpentry services from Exterior Medics.

We Do Finished Carpentry Work to Address:






Water Damage

Repair and Restore Your Community’s Wood Structures

Behind the facade of your community’s buildings, there may be unseen issues lurking. Over time, wood structures are subject to damage from rotting wood, termites eating away at the wood, or having no moisture barrier to prevent water-logged wood. Whether the issues are from poor initial construction or simply damage over time, any damage to your existing wood structures threatens the integrity of your property’s buildings — and your residents’ safety.

When these often unforeseen issues unveil themselves during our work on the project, Exterior Medics has the knowledge and resources to provide a solution that will last with professional exterior carpentry services. We'll evaluate the issue and provide workable solutions to alleviate your frustrations. We are adept at navigating unforeseen complications, adjusting to best suit your property’s needs.

Building a Safer Community

Sometimes projects turn out more complex than we anticipate, but that doesn’t intimidate our team. For The Tiers at Silver Spring, a large project transformed into something much bigger when we discovered structural damage. See how exterior finished carpentry helped complete this renovation.

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Exterior Medics works with multifamily communities of all sizes to deliver lifetime building solutions that are focused on safety, quality, and aesthetics. Our workmanship is covered by our Extended Carpentry Warranty so you can rest easy knowing that your buildings are safe and your investment is a smart one. We’re happy to offer deferred payment plans so you can get the work you need done when you need it!

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