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Your deck should provide you with an outdoor oasis at home, a gathering place where you can sip morning coffee and relax with evening chats. Don’t let wear and damage affect your enjoyment of your backyard sanctuary. At Exterior Medics, we offer complete deck refurbishment services, from minor repairs such as board replacements to a total deck replacement with all new material.

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Need to Refresh Your Deck?

Is your decking system outdated, worn, and no longer working for your home? Our decking and railing services allow Exterior Medics to repair or refresh your decking system so you can truly enjoy your home’s outdoor space. Over time, exposure to the elements can wear down your decking and railing, often resulting in water damage that seeps in through the seams between your deck and siding. Exterior Medics can help you properly diagnose any issues and remedy them so your deck is an asset and not a liability.

Are you noticing rotting wood? It’s only natural that your deck will succumb to damage after years of sun, rain, and snow. However, this can lead to deteriorating materials and framing that is structurally unsound. We help ensure your decking system is safe and up to code so you don’t have to worry about accidents. Depending on your situation, we can replace sections of your decking and railing or equip your home with a complete refresh in the material of your choice. Are you ready for a safer, more beautiful deck? We’re ready to get started!


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Why choose Exterior Medics? We go above and beyond with our 100% Lifetime Service Warranty to give you peace of mind that our workmanship will stand the test of time. We put your needs ahead of our own, working hard to provide lifetime building solutions so you can focus on what’s most important to you. Whether you’re ready to create your dream decking system or address issues with the most logical and sound repairs, we’re here to build your dreams.

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