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If you notice cracks, chipping, or other signs of deterioration with your commercial chimneys, it may be time to consider chimney repair or replacement. A properly-functioning chimney can greatly extend the life of your roof. Don’t let chimneys in disrepair cost you money down the line. Exterior Medics provides expertly-installed chimney caps and commercial chimney repair.

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At Exterior Medics, we understand the vast amount of upkeep that goes into maintaining a commercial property. That’s why we are proud to serve as your partners, helping you take the best care of your buildings to protect your investment. We specialize in the protection and restoration of masonry, including chimneys, and can provide the necessary expertise in repairing them.

We work with multifamily properties, retail storefronts, and more, bringing our quality commitment with our 100% Lifetime Service Warranty, which we offer as a guarantee on our work for new installations. You can trust our reputation for bringing excellence to commercial properties in the Greater Washington area.

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Why should you choose Exterior Medics to improve your commercial property? We have the experience necessary to handle vast multifamily projects. Check out the work we did with our Medinah project, which was an extensive, multi-faceted project estimated to take 6-8 months. We were able to complete it in just 4 months, even faster than we anticipated.

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Why should you trust Exterior Medics for your commercial chimney and masonry needs? We stand behind our quality work, which is reflected in the products we use as well as our 100% Lifetime Service Warranty that guarantees our workmanship for the life of your new chimney. Discover why property owners choose us for commercial chimney repair and replacement in the Greater Washington area.

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