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Festive Outdoor Fall Decor: Improve Your Curb Appeal

Nov 5, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Autumn is one of the most anticipated seasons for many reasons. The heat of the summer dissipates and brings cool, crisp weather perfect for cozy sweaters and warm drinks. It's also a great season for decorating and holding festive events. Get into the fall spirit with these outdoor fall decor ideas that will revamp your home's outdoor look and get you ready for fall.

Lawn and Garden

The first step to take when preparing the outside of your home for autumn is to get the basics out of the way.

Get Your Lawn Ready Before Winter

Although the full swing of mowing season is dying down, you may want to mow a few more times to make sure your lawn is short enough when winter comes. Rake fallen leaves and keep your yard tidy to help your fall decorations stand out. A yard cluttered with leaves and overgrown grass will detract from any fall decor you want to put up. Also think about fertilizing your lawn ahead of winter to make sure it looks great come spring.

Plant Fall Flowers

Discard any remnants of your summer flowers (they're probably wilting and on their last petals anyway) and plant some hardy fall flowers. Mums are one of the most popular choices and can be planted in a garden bed or put in pots for easy removal when winter makes its appearance. They're also easy to take care of for those who might not have the greenest of thumbs. If gardening is right up your alley, explore the seasonal colors of celosia, helenium, or heliopsis.

Refresh Your Home's Exterior

Now that your lawn and flowerbeds are ready to go, it's time to make sure your home's exterior is ready for its autumn decor too. Have your siding power washed if needed, or even consider touching it up with paint if there are areas where power washing won't cut it. Give your trim a facelift too, and repair cracks in your patio if you plan on having outdoor fires. You can also invest in a portable fire pit that can be put anywhere, giving you the flexibility to design your home's exterior for perfect fall entertaining. If you have been thinking about painting your door or your shutters a new color, now is the time! Don't be shy about hiring a professional—whether time constraints are an issue or you simply want to make sure it's done right, a professional can help you get your home ready for fall quickly.

Get Out Your Outdoor Fall Decor

The outside of your home is now clean, prepped, and ready for your fall decor. Evaluate any decor you may have saved from last year and determine what is still in good enough condition to be used, what can be donated to your local thrift store, and what just needs to be tossed. Then, you can determine what you need to fill in the gaps.

Door Wreaths

Door wreaths are one of the most popular ways to make your home look warm and inviting for fall. Purchase a pre-made wreath if you don't already have one, or get crafty and make your own with supplies from your local hobby store. Use small pumpkins, gourds, silk leaves, and other items to create a wreath that is truly unique. It's not often that visitors come to a door with a beautifully festive fall wreath and don't instantly feel warm and invited.

Pumpkins and Gourds

Pumpkins aren't just for carving—they can make easy fall decor for your front porch. Get an assortment of large pumpkins and gourds to celebrate the veggies of the season and arrange them attractively on your front porch. Depending on your porch, you may want only one grouping of pumpkins and gourds or you may want two identical groups on either side of your front door. Stack pumpkins and gourds with small hay bales (or large if your front porch will accommodate a larger size) and add a few ears of dried harvest corn to complete the look.


Welcome your guests with signage that says exactly that. An autumn-themed mat or custom wooden sign can be a great way to extend a warm welcome to your guests before they ever set foot in the door. Consider having signage made with your family name, or have a sign painted with an autumn design on one side and a winter design on the other—when the seasons change, just flip your sign.

Get your home in shape with outdoor fall decor and instantly set the mood for the season.