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How Commercial Gutter Cleaning Cuts Costs for Businesses

Oct 30, 2019 11:34:00 AM

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It may seem strange, but the health of your gutters can directly relate to the health of your building. While there may be a small cost to commercial gutter cleaning, there's a far more significant cost associated with neglecting your gutters. Here's what you need to know about how cluttered gutters can cost you.

Blocked Gutters Lead to Structural Damage

When full of dirt and debris, gutters overflow. Water cascades directly down the sides of the building, leading to mold and mildew growth on the building itself. Water pools on the roof, eventually leading to leaks. And water pours into the foundation, leading to water damage throughout the building. 

If gutters are allowed to fill for long enough, the gutters themselves can start pulling away from the building, or become packed with leaves and dust. Eventually, even the cost of commercial gutter cleaning and repair will become more significant.

Filled Gutters Lead to Aesthetic Damage

No one wants to go into a building that looks like it's fallen into disrepair. Build up in the gutters may give your building a bad reputation, and lead to fewer customers walking in. 

Gutters aren't really noticeable when they're clean, but they're very noticeable when they're filled and dirty. People don't want to walk under gutters that are filled to the brim with leaves and pests, and they certainly don't want to do business there.

Damaged Gutters Can Lead to Lawsuits

What happens if someone gets injured because of your broken gutters? If your gutters are bent and twisted, they likely have sharp and dangerous edges. If your gutters are pulling away from the building, they could easily fall directly on someone or someone's vehicle.

Lawsuits can happen any time someone gets injured on your property, and the cost of these lawsuits or settlements could be substantial. Just like any other part of your property, your gutters have to be maintained to remain safe.

Poor Gutter Health Leads to Reduced Air Quality

When gutters fail, they lead to water damage. Water damage leads to mold. And mold can lead to reduced air quality and eventually health problems. Some types of mold are toxic, potentially making even healthy individuals sick. Those who have compromised immune systems (or the young and the elderly) can be impacted even by large quantities of regular mold. And those with asthma or allergies are even more likely to be impacted.

If you don't want your employees suffering from health issues (which can also lead to lawsuits), then you need to take care of the interior and the exterior of your property. 

Regular Maintenance vs. Structural Damage

Ultimately, it comes down to whether you want to pay a small amount for regular maintenance, or a much larger amount for structural and foundation damage. Commercial gutter cleaning is an affordable and easy way to make sure your property is safe and clean.

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