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How to Know When Deck Refurbishing Is In Order

Feb 9, 2021 9:47:00 AM

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Decks are great for relaxing in the spring, summer, and fall. And the winter months are a great time for refurbishing and restoration. There may be times when you need to restore your deck. But how do you know whether it's the right time to clean and repair it? Here are some of the most common signs.

Refinish Your Dirty or Stained Deck

Over time, your deck can become dirty and stained. If you need to refinish it, call the professionals. Just refinishing your deck can make it look new again — and it's also an important part of maintenance. Your deck can be cleaned, refinished, and treated, to make it last even longer. If you want to change the appearance of your deck, staining it is a great option. And that can also hide any minor imperfections that might exist within the deck.

Power-washing alone doesn't do everything for a deck, because while it may clean it up, it's not going to protect it. But a professional can help you stain and finish your deck. 

Repair or Patch Cracks or Holes in Your Deck

Decks need to be replaced periodically because cracks and holes do emerge. A deck that has a lot of cracks or holes in it isn't just unsightly, but also potentially dangerous. If you have a lot of little areas in your deck that you've been meaning to replace, it may be time to refurbish it entirely. That will give you a deck that looks like new and one that can be enjoyed without the potential of someone getting injured.

Cracks and holes in your deck can ultimately cause structural problems, as well as opportunities for pests. But they can either be patched or the planks can be replaced entirely to improve upon the deck's structure.

Replace Missing Screws and Other Parts

Even if a deck has been built very well, over time screws and other parts may drop off. If you're missing screws, brackets, or other materials, it's absolutely critical that you get them replaced. The way that a deck is built, the load is being distributed over a lot of points. While it can lose a few screws and nails, it needs to be fixed if you don't want there to be other issues across the deck. It's not difficult to replace missing screws, but the deck may need to be reinforced in certain areas, to make sure that the deck is well-supported and safe.

Fix Loose Boards in Your Deck

If boards are coming loose in your deck, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. The old boards may not still fit if they have warped or twisted, so you may need new boards cut. Either way, having boards popping out is a definitive sign that you need to refurbish your deck. The only exception might be if there are a lot of loose boards, in which case it may actually be better to replace your deck entirely. A deck refurbishing company can assess the situation and determine what the right option is for you.

Don't just ignore loose boards on your deck. While they may not be structural if they're on the top of the deck, having loose boards is incredibly dangerous and could cause someone to fall through. 

Replace Worn and Weathered Wood

Wood does become worn and weathered over time. Decks last about ten to thirty years if the wood is untreated, or can last up to fifty years if they are treated and well-maintained. If your wood is very worn and weathered, it's possible that you need to replace the entire deck. If you have an untreated deck that's about thirty years old, it's also possible that it's about time to replace it altogether. But a deck refurbishing company will be able to tell you whether you can just replace the wood that's visible on the deck or whether you need to replace the entirety of the deck altogether.

Of course, sometimes your deck can't be refurbished or restored. Sometimes it has to be replaced entirely. If your deck is old and in poor condition, it may be better to get a quote for replacing it entirely. With an older deck, it may cost less to replace it than to continue to repair it piecemeal. If you want to find out more about refurbishing or replacing your deck, we're happy to discuss your project!