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How to Manage Commercial Masonry Contractors and Maintenance

Feb 19, 2020 12:00:00 PM

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Over the years, commercial masonry can become damaged. Masonry is vulnerable to the elements, leading to tracks, water damage, and both cosmetic and structural issues. Proper maintenance can help, though most masonry will need some repair eventually. Here's what you need to know about maintaining your commercial masonry.

Water Tests and Leak Investigation

First: water is one of the most damaging elements when it comes to masonry. A water leak will lead to cracked, molding masonry, and a number of internal structural problems. When masonry is compromised, water can leak behind the masonry. There, it gets trapped in the structure of the building, and continues to cause damage. 

Commercial masonry contractors can conduct drainage testing and water tests to identify any potential leaks. If leaks are found, they can be sealed, and any damage mitigated. If leaks are allowed to persist, the damage can become quite severe. Consider inspecting the masonry if you've noticed leaks inside of your commercial property.

Waterproofing Systems

There are a few waterproofing systems that you may consider when it comes to masonry. One of the easiest is simply paint: waterproofed paint presents an impermeable barrier, which protects the masonry below. Frequently, commercial buildings will have waterproofed paint on both their interior walls and their exterior masonry.

Underlayments and water barriers can also be installed behind the masonry itself. These are especially necessary in areas that get significant amounts of rain and flooding or if you've already seen evidence of water damage in your property.

Cosmetic and Structural Repairs

When masonry is damaged, it's important to get it fixed quickly. There are two types of fixes needed: cosmetic and structural. Cosmetic issues simply happen over time, but a skilled mason will be able to match your existing masonry and replace any masonry that has been damaged.

Structural damage is more insidious. If you've seen cracks in your masonry, it has to be addressed immediately. Once the masonry has been compromised, the damage can become more serious quickly, leading to a more expensive fix. 

Preserving Your Masonry

Professional masonry contractors are able to take action to preserve your masonry, whether it's damaged or just aged. Here are a few ways commercial masons are able to match and fix your stone:

  • Natural stone can be repaired with mortar. Mortar will be used to improve the structural strength of the natural stone, preventing it from any further damage. 
  • Stone consolidation treatments can be used to protect the exterior surface. Consolidation treatments are often used to protect particularly old masonry, or masonry that is exposed to harsh elements. 
  • Facades can be stabilized. Facades are not structural: they're decor. Over time, they can start to pull away from the structure. Stabilizing these facades is necessary to preserve the appearance of the building. Additionally, facades often protect the exterior of the building, and any gaps between the facade and the building structure could lead to issues with water damage or pests.
  • Replacement of stone elements. Stone elements can be completely replaced if they have been too badly damaged, or if they have fallen out completely. 

Are you already experiencing issues with your commercial masonry? Do you have questions about your masonry repair or maintenance? It's time to call commercial masonry contractors. At Exterior Medics, we have the skill, experience, technology, and commercial masonry contractors needed to get your masonry looking like new.