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How Window Tinting Can Help Your Multi-Family Apartment Property Save

Jan 15, 2020 12:30:00 PM

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Multi-family apartment window tinting isn't just a great way to improve your building's privacy. It can also save you a lot of money. Through a fast, easy installation, tinting boosts the appearance of your space, and leads to a cooler, more comfortable interior. Here are some of the major cost benefits. 

Reduce Energy Consumption

One of the major reasons why window tinting is suggested is because it reduces energy consumption. Window tint improves the insulation of a property and also reflects the sun's energy back. 

When the sun beats down on your windows, it's transferring heat into your property. The more windows you have, the more significant this is. Your company is likely spending a lot of money in cooling to counter this: money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Cut A/C and Heater Use

When it's hot enough, even commercial systems can't really keep up. A standard commercial system can only cool 15 to 20 degrees. If it's 95 degrees out, you're never going to get the property past 75. Window tint keeps the property cooler, which allows the HVAC system to operate less frequently.

Likewise, the addition of window tinting on a window also improves its insulation, which improves both cold air and hot air retention. During the cooler months, window tinting will prevent hot air from being chilled, reducing your reliance on your heater. 

Increase Security

Dark window tint prevents people from seeing inside of a building, which makes it less attractive to thieves. Thieves tend to go after the easiest targets; they don't want to break into a building if they can't scope it out. If they can't see whether people are in there, or what the security system is like, they're not going to try to break in.

Further, most crimes are actually impulsive. A criminal might see cash on the counter and run in to grab it. Dark windows prevents these types of crimes, as criminals aren't tempted by the items inside of the building. Tints can allow people inside to see out while others can't see in, too, so your employees can still remain aware of everything that's going on outside.

Protect Items from UV Rays

People aren't the only ones who experience sun damage. Products, furniture, displays, and equipment can all get damaged by UV rays. Many assume that the glass from windows helps, but it really doesn't. Glass needs a protective film, such as a tint, in order to protect from the sun. 

Over time, materials are going to become brittle and bleached if they're left in the sun. Often, you may see the sun carving a path in a carpeted floor. Electronics are even more susceptible, as the heat and the sun can warp plastic elements, and even cause batteries to burst. There are even special window films that don't tint the windows, but still block UV rays, if you want the protection of a tint but not the appearance of one. 

Window tinting can save you a lot of money, and it's an affordable and fast way to upgrade your multi-family apartment property. If you're interested in learning more about window tinting, reach out to Exterior Medics for a free estimate.

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