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Secure Your Property With Commercial Security Doors

Oct 18, 2019 3:24:47 PM

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Your business isn't truly protected unless you’ve installed high-quality commercial security doors. If your front doors aren't secured, you could be an excellent target for thieves. Luckily, installing a commercial door is generally a common job that you can handle with the right contractors. 

Why Should You Install Commercial Security Doors?

Commercial security doors protect your property, your inventory, and your employees. If you feel as though criminals may be interested in your company's assets, a security door can protect you. Security doors don't just keep people out: they serve a deterrent and to dissuade criminals from even trying.

If you've had break-ins in the past, if there's been break-ins in your area, or if you've suddenly started doing more business (and keeping more cash laying around), it may be time to invest in commercial security doors. The right security doors can even keep track of access, making it easier for you to secure your inventory from both external thieves and internal ones.

Types of Commercial Security Door Systems

There are likely as many types of commercial security doors as there are types of residential doors. They come in many styles depending on your needs. A few common ones include:

  • Locking security doors with reinforced glass. These are frequently seen in highly secure areas. When unlocked, they have a push bar that will swing them open, rather than having a visible handle that can be manipulated. They have reinforced glass at the top, so you can see who is coming in at all times.
  • Metal (often cast iron) reinforced doors. These are regular doors that are set behind a metal gate or grill. These are frequently seen on pawn shops, in areas with high crime, or just on buildings that have a lot to protect (such as banks). The secondary metal door can be locked and shut down to prevent break-ins. 
  • Metal security door. Often, a "security door" is just a heavy, metal door that has high quality locks. Metal doors are considered to be among the safest options, with the least safe option being wooden hollow core doors. 
  • High-tech security doors. New security doors come with technological features, such as the ability to lock and unlock them remotely. Some security doors have biometrics on them, or read card entry systems.

Most commercial locations will find a metal security door suitable, though they may want to add authentication systems such as fingerprint scanners.

An Installation Guide to Commercial Security Doors

Oddly, it's not the door itself that's often important: it's the frame. When hanging a commercial security door, great care must be taken to install the frame correctly. This is because the major failure point isn't the door itself, it's the locking mechanism and the frame. When trying to break in, many criminals simply kick the door where it is locked.

The frame has to be reinforced to compensate for this: otherwise, you may have a very strong door which simply pops out when brute force is directly applied. Likewise, it doesn't help to have a well-secured commercial front door if your back door isn't secure or your windows are easy to break.

Why Should You Hire Professionals?

A security door is only as secure as its installation. A professional will ensure that your security door is installed correctly, while also advising you on the commercial security door system that best suits your needs.

If you want to learn more about commercial security doors, and review your options, contact the Exterior Medics.

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