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Your Siding Style: Choosing the Best Type of Siding for Your Home

May 19, 2021 9:00:00 AM

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Your siding is for more than just protecting your home. It's about the appearance of your property, too. When you install siding, you change the appearance of your property. Choosing the right style and color of siding matters. Let's take a look at what types of siding might best suit your home.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is, by far, the most popular siding option. It's affordable and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. It's no longer the type of vinyl siding most people remember from their childhoods; vinyl siding can be everything from a sleek, modern look to appearing like something else entirely, like wood siding.

Because vinyl siding has such versatility, it's the siding of choice for many homeowners. And it means that you have a lot of decisions to make, including the color of the siding. You could go traditional and neutral for a more subtle appearance, or you can make it a nice complement to your trim, accents, or brick for a more dramatic look. 

Fiber Cement Siding

Want an option that is known for its durability? Fiber cement siding may be for you. Like vinyl, fiber cement can be molded into many styles and can be virtually any color. While fiber cement siding can be a little more expensive, it can stand up to virtually any type of weather. It's a great investment for those who want low maintenance siding that will protect their home. At Exterior Medics, we love using James Hardie siding as its known for its quality, gorgeous colors, and exceptional style.

Fiber cement siding is a good option for homeowners who want to protect their property and for those who want to make sure it looks great. There are many styles to choose from and colors, but people can find ways to match it to either their home or their trim. Most styles and colors in vinyl can be replicated in fiber cement.

Cedar Shake Siding

Want a more natural or rustic look? A cozy siding option, cedar shake is often prized not only for its durability but because it has some measure of pest resistance and mold resistance. Nevertheless, it is a natural and organic material and therefore does need to be regularly cleaned and maintained. Cedar shake siding is often chosen for its appearance and its protection, but it's also just a good choice for those who have a certain rustic style of home.

But because it is a bit more "natural," it might not be a great siding choice for more modern properties. And it's not as low maintenance as either fiber cement or vinyl siding. 

Wood Siding

Character, character, character—that's exactly what you'll find with wood siding. Wood siding can be painted and stained just like any other type of wood — and that means it can suit virtually any home. One of the major advantages is that any part of the siding can be repaired and replaced at any time, making it fairly easy to maintain. As parts of the siding break, it can be replaced. It's also sustainable. The downside is that it's not as durable, which means homeowners are going to need to work on it and maintain it to keep it looking good. Wood siding that is not properly maintained can be susceptible to rot, mold, and fire, among other things, so it's important to commit to a proper care schedule.

Most of the aesthetics of wood siding can be achieved through vinyl or fiber cement siding; there are vinyl options that look exactly like wood. So, from an architectural standpoint, there may not be many advantages to going to wood siding rather than vinyl or fiber cement. But there are some practical reasons to choose wood siding, such as them being affordable and easy to repair.

As you can see, there are many types of siding. You should always think about how siding will work with other exterior features such as brick or stone. Even your landscaping could impact how well your siding goes with the rest of your property. Ready to get creative? Siding can give your home the look you've always wanted.