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Gutters in Fairfax

The city of Fairfax, VA receives above average rainfall each year in addition to snow and ice accumulation. For every inch of rain, up to 2,000 gallons of rainwater can pass over the eaves of your home. Fairfax gutters that are clogged, sagging, rusting, leaking or otherwise damaged, pose serious threats. Water accumulation can penetrate walls and cause substantial damage. This is why reliable gutter systems are essential in every home, especially in Fairfax, VA.

Gutter replacement or gutter repair?

Regardless of the type of gutter installed in your home, gutter systems require regular maintenance for a prolonged life. Failing to take care of your gutters can lead to costly problems like:

  • Dents, disjointing or sagging
  • Rusting or leaking
  • Obstructions

Fairfax gutters that are too old and have sustained significant damages need to be repaired or replaced immediately to prevent collateral damage to other parts of your home. Exterior Medics can help you assess whether or not your gutter can be repaired or needs to be replaced. We offer free professional consultations to assist you with your gutter needs. Our expert home contractors are dedicated to providing Fairfax residents with trustworthy advice and unparalleled service to quickly resolve home exterior problems.

Types of gutter replacement

Exterior Medics offers a variety of repair and replacement options for Fairfax gutters to keep homes safe and in great condition. There are three common gutters homeowners can choose from:

  • Copper gutters are aesthetically pleasing and resilient.
  • Aluminum gutters are low maintenance, sensible and popular.
  • Built-in Gutter systems are seamlessly contoured and durable.

Best Home Improvement Contractors in Town!

As an active member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), your Fairfax, Virginia home is in good hands. We take the NARI Code of Ethics seriously and are committed to upholding standards for dependability, accountability, and honest business practices.

Leave your Fairfax gutters in the hands of the professionals. Contact Exterior Medics today for a free estimate.

Work completed quickly and with high quality. Two years later still looks new. Barton Weick - Homeowner
I like their professionalism, quality and reliability. Henry Jenkins - Homeowner
These guys did a fantastic job. They were accommodating to my schedule, worked very quickly, answered all of my questions with in-depth responses and an overall delight to deal with. Nathan M. - Homeowner