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Connie's Home

The client wanted a complete exterior remodel that made their fixer-upper unrecognizable. The finished home earned us Contractor of the Year.

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Turning a New House Into a Family’s Dream Home

Clients have different goals when embarking on home renovations. Some want us to preserve the look of a home while updating it with new materials. Others, like Connie, want a completely revamped style. We knew this renovation would be an enormous undertaking, and we were excited to take part in such an ambitious overhaul. Even so, the end result surpassed everyone’s expectations, and the project turned out to be our most extensive exterior residential remodel of 2018.

It Started With a Dream

For years, Connie’s family had dreamed about owning a home in Great Falls, VA. After decades of establishing themselves in their careers, the family decided to realize their goal of living in their dream location. They purchased a home that had the space and location they desired, securing it for a price that was exceedingly fair yet demanded a significant amount of work to update. Having previously worked with owner Joe LeVecchi before Exterior Medics was established—and loving the experience—Connie reached out to him once again. After meeting with the family, our team determined that their desires translated into a comprehensive outdoor redo, complete with updated roofing, refreshed brick, and renovated windows, doors, and railings.

From Contractors to Designers Overnight

This remodel was as much about aesthetics as it was about functionality. As a result, we served a dual role as both contractors and exterior designers, intent on delivering a home the family would cherish for years to come. To provide Connie with the ultimate Exterior Medics experience, we connected her with Tom, one of our senior product specialists. It was our job to produce sound yet architecturally appealing work. One of the areas in which these attributes were showcased was with the new railing we created. It was handcrafted and secured by 12-inch titanium screws, designed to be invisible to boost aesthetic appeal. The custom piece shines as a truly innovative piece of work we are proud to call our own.

As we worked on the project, we determined that the initial measurements of the shutters were not precise. While other contractors may have simply added an additional piece of wood to the bottom to give the look of accuracy, that was not a solution that worked for Exterior Medics. We reordered the shutters because we do not believe in compromising quality.

The Results

For the roof, we used GAF Timberline in charcoal, a color that complemented the finish of the James Hardie® Statement® smooth lap siding and repainted white brick exterior. We installed a Provia door in eye-catching green to help the entryway stand out. The VELUX skylight window we used brought natural light into the home to brighten the interior. To help protect the home from the elements, we installed black aluminum gutters and 6” Xtreme gutter guards. We elevated the look of the home with carriage-style garage doors from the Grand Harbor Collection and onyx half-arch and rectangular raised panel-style shutters. To complete the picturesque image, we added xeriscape-styled landscaping that requires 50% less water to reduce usage.

In the end, we executed an extensive transformation that was innovative and exceeded the client’s expectations. We were able to deliver a physically beautiful structure and delivered an emotionally satisfying experience for the homeowners.

Products used

  • VELUX Skylight Window
  • Provia Door
  • GAF Timberline in Charcoal
  • Black Aluminum Gutters & 6" Xtreme Gutter Guards
  • James Hardie Statement Smooth Lap

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Executing to Perfection

Working on Connie's home was a dream project for us. It's always fun when we achieve jaw-dropping results for clients, and this project really delivered in that regard. We're beyond pleased with the final result.

Joe LeVecchi
Owner, Exterior Medics

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