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Leahy's Home

Over the years, the Leahy home has endured exposure to the elements and the inevitable wear and tear that follows. After we gave this charming home some TLC and an updated look, it's better equipped to face the elements in the years to come.

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Reversing Years of Wear and Tear

The roof was in dire condition and it was showing. The 3-tab shingles were poorly installed and were causing leaks in several areas. Moss and algae were growing rampant and the shingles themselves were warped and loose. Additionally, a portion of the damaged roof had an extremely low slope. This made it virtually impossible for the older roof to properly defend against water intrusion, resulting in leaks and poor drainage.

To resolve this, we came up with the solution of replacing this portion of the roof with a flat roof system. We installed TPO membrane and carefully tied it in with the existing eaves and roof valley. The rest of the roof was replaced with a much more durable and aesthetically-pleasing architectural shingle. We used GAF Timberline HD in Williamsburg Slate.

The gutters were also severely clogged. We replaced the entire gutter and downspout system with a larger 6”, 3x4 seamless aluminum system. EZ Lock Gutter Screens were also installed to improve drainage and reduce maintenance. We also installed thick lineal to the trim to enhance the frame and added a joint to the downspout to better direct water and improve drainage.

Over the years, the chimney of this house has also sustained some damage.

We replaced cracked and broken areas of the chimney as well as repaired some of the smaller instances of damage. A new cap was also installed to restore the chimney’s functionality.

Additionally, we made sure the chimney was extensively repointed and built a new cricket to direct water away from the chimney.

The previous lap siding was also showing severe signs of wear and tear, including discoloration and sporadic damages. This was replaced with a new Mastic Quest Platinum Vinyl Siding in a fresh and modern Deep Granite color.

One of our main focuses on this project was to ensure the home was not compromised by aging and damaged elements. Upon removing the existing roof and siding, our initial concerns that there was further damage caused by the compromised roof were confirmed. We discovered severe wood rot.

To resolve this, we identified which boards were compromised and replaced them with new ones. We then added a protective layer of an ice and water shield to ensure better defense against the elements and increase the life of the wood.

Products used

  • Mastic Quest 5” Non-insulated Siding-Deep Granite
  • Master Cedar Discovery Non-Insulated Siding
  • Gutters-Ez Lock Gutter Screens
  • 6” Seamless Aluminum Gutters in White
  • GAF Timberline HD Williamsburg Slate

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Satisfied with the entire process, start to finish. Everyone that we worked with was professional and accessible. We will absolutely do business with Exterior Medics again.

Paul Holeva

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