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Addressing Water Intrusion and Restoring the Beauty

Sentry Ridge

Elevating This Community with Expert Waterproofing and Exterior Renovations


A Community in Need of Restoration

Welcome to Sentry Ridge, a vibrant community in Manassas, Virginia. Over the years, water intrusion issues, wood rot, and exterior concerns have plagued this 30-year-old property. At Exterior Medics, we recognized the importance of comprehensive solutions to restore the integrity and beauty of Sentry Ridge

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Setting the Stage for Success

With our extensive experience in addressing water entry concerns, we knew we were the ideal choice for this project. Our knowledgeable team thoroughly assessed the buildings, developed a detailed plan, and initiated clear communication with the community. Our focus on timing and minimizing inconvenience ensures a streamlined process for residents.

The Details

Our approach to the Sentry Ridge project was focused on thorough evaluation, meticulous planning, and effective communication. With 18 buildings and 153 units, we understood the magnitude of the task at hand. We began by conducting a comprehensive assessment to identify the underlying issues, including wood rot, roof problems, and water intrusion throughout the buildings. Our team's extensive experience in addressing similar challenges enabled us to develop a tailored solution that would not only waterproof the structures but also encompass exterior renovations to enhance their overall appearance.

To ensure a seamless process, we established clear lines of communication right from the beginning. Through frequent on-site visits and transparent discussions, we kept the property management team, residents, and stakeholders informed about the project's scope, timeline, and potential disruptions. We recognized the importance of minimizing inconvenience to the owners and occupants, so we meticulously planned our operations, utilized a dedicated staging area, and deployed a skilled team equipped with the necessary equipment. Our goal was to complete the project efficiently and meet the expectations of the community, even during the holiday season.

The Sentry Ridge project demanded attention to detail and prompt remediation. Our approach involved removing trim, exposing underlying conditions, and promptly addressing any structural issues discovered. By combining our expertise with efficient workflows, we streamlined the project, ensuring a timely completion without compromising quality. 


The Results

Our commitment to excellence and the successful execution of the Sentry Ridge project yielded outstanding results. The transformation of the community's exteriors has been remarkable, instilling a sense of pride and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. The thorough waterproofing measures and diligent repairs have provided lasting protection, ensuring that residents can now enjoy their homes without worrying about water infiltration or deteriorating facades.

Beyond the physical improvements, the results have exceeded expectations in multiple ways. The property management team and residents were highly satisfied with the level of communication and professionalism exhibited by our team throughout the project. From the initial assessment to the final delivery, we maintained open lines of communication, promptly addressing concerns and keeping everyone informed about the progress.

The Sentry Ridge project stands as a testament to our dedication to quality workmanship, effective communication, and client satisfaction. With our expertise and meticulous approach, we have elevated the community's value, safeguarded its infrastructure, and left a lasting positive impact on its residents.

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