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A Seamless Partnership: Transforming Dreams into Reality

"We get very passionate about the architecture, and to work with someone that's equally passionate about their craft, that's when you have a great team."

The Alonso Project

Embark on a journey where architectural brilliance meets exceptional craftsmanship. 

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View Our Stunning Transformations

When it comes to renovations, seeing is believing. To demonstrate the range of what we can do, we're featuring some of our best residential and commercial work. You can get the beautiful, updated look you desire with professional exterior renovations from Exterior Medics. Explore the before and after photos for some of our past projects and be inspired!

Unleashing Architectural Potential: A Shared Passion for Excellence

When two entities driven by a shared passion for their crafts join forces, remarkable things happen. Exterior Medics, with their extensive experience in both residential and commercial projects, perfectly complements the Alonso's architectural expertise.

Crafting Homes of Distinction: Exceptional Quality, Impeccable Artistry

At the core of Exterior Medics' philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to excellence. With their skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail, they flawlessly executed The Alonsos' architectural vision. From structural marvels to the finest finishing touches, every element is meticulously crafted, leaving an indelible mark on each project's aesthetic and quality.

A Collaborative Approach: Forging Lasting Partnerships

Beyond project completion, the partnership between The Alonsos and Exterior Medics thrives on shared values of trust, authenticity, and mutual success. Exterior Medics goes above and beyond, fostering enduring relationships built on transparency and open communication. Together, they navigate challenges, celebrate achievements, and continuously push the boundaries of architectural design.

An Extraordinary Journey: Shaping Architectural Excellence Together

The collaboration between Exterior Medics and The Alonsos signifies a shared pursuit of architectural greatness. Together, they redefine the possibilities of residential construction, creating spaces that transcend expectations and inspire awe. Witness the transformative power of this remarkable partnership in this video.

Products used

  • Nichiha Vintage Wood and Architectural Block
  • Aluminum Box Gutters
  • TPO - GAF
  • Standing Seam Metal Roof

Services Provided: 


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A Glowing Recommendation

They're a company that cares. They care about their work and their product. their dedication to doing the best quality work possible is second to none.”

–  Tony and Francesca Alonso, Homeowner

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