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The Bennett Project

After the Bennetts bought their home, the 20-year-old roof began to leak, prompting a call to Exterior Medics. We provided a roof replacement with skylights, house painting, and new trim.

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Revitalizing an Older Home’s Exterior

After 25 years of marriage, the Bennetts were excited to embark on their next great adventure: purchasing a large home with plenty of land. However, they knew the 20-year-old home would need some work soon after moving in. When they began noticing puddles forming, they realized the time to act had come. The Bennetts called Exterior Medics to replace the roof and skylights, refresh the exterior with paint, and update the trim.

Bringing New Life to an Old Home

Signs of wear were apparent in the Bennett home upon its purchase. The asphalt shingles and faded exterior painting were in dire need of an update. The trim along the windows and doors was damaged and even crumbling in some areas. In addition, its dark accents colors made the home uninviting from a distance and obscured the beauty of the windows. The roof was visibly damaged, as well as covered with outdated solar panels that weren’t offering any benefit.

The Bennetts chose Exterior Medics for the job for several reasons. First, they had seen much of our marketing, including our branded trucks, and they’d heard good things. Additionally, they appreciated our attention to detail, thorough inspection process, and quick follow-up. 

Details of the Renovation Project

From the very first morning our team showed up, the Bennetts were impressed with our speed and efficiency in getting the project underway. They jokingly compared our arrival to the military landing on their property due to the amount of trucks and workers. They were pleasantly surprised with the way our entire team dove into action, with more than half of the old roof removed before the family had even come down for breakfast.

As the roofing project progressed, we addressed the Bennetts’ other pressing concerns: the color and appearance of their home's exterior and the condition of the trim. Understanding that sometimes you have to see something in order to visualize the outcome, our team members were happy to go up on the roof to display color options. For the new color of the house, we chose a hue that would beautifully complement the new roofing and trim. Using Sherwin-Williams ensured the longevity of the paint job.

Throughout the project, the Bennetts loved the way that our team kept them involved and answered any questions. In fact, one facet of our work that they particularly appreciated was our level of service and our willingness to go above and beyond to ensure the clients’ satisfaction.

The Results

Before beginning work with Exterior Medics, the Bennetts had a few qualifiers that would indicate to them that they had chosen the right company. They wanted to feel confident in a company’s work and feel good recommending them to their friends. With Exterior Medics, they found the right partner. The Bennetts saw a night and day difference after we completed the project. The new roof not only looks great, but it also keeps the inside of the home protected and dry. The skylights brighten the interior of the home and add dimension to the roof. The updated painting job makes the exterior look fresh and vibrant. New trim gives the home a polished look.

In fact, the Bennetts were so happy with the outcome that they are already considering future projects with us. We look forward to helping them with future exterior projects so they can create the home of their dreams.

Products used

  • GAF Camelot II Charcoal Designer Shingles
  • Velux Deck Mounted Skylights
  • Sherwin-Williams Paint


Services Provided: 


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