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How We Cleared Up One Family’s Stormy Weather With a Gorgeous New Roof

“They’re a very reliable company that I would work with again and again."



The Brown Project

After a series of heavy storms rolled through the Woodbridge area, a leak occurred in one homeowner’s roof. The ceiling damage that followed prompted her to reach out to Exterior Medics so she could finally feel comfortable at home again.

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Roof Leaks Brought on By Storms

Jeri Brown and her son Dale are happy to call Woodbridge home. After being raised in the area, Jeri decided to stay and make roots for her family. Her beautiful home has provided a sanctuary for her over the years. So when several rounds of heavy rain storms caused her roof to leak, she found that some of her comfort was taken away.

Jeri could see a spot forming on the ceiling in her bedroom. Because of the storm, she knew she had to get insurance involved to get her roof taken care of. However, accomplishing that was easier said than done. She needed professionals to help her navigate the claim process; someone who was used to dealing with insurance companies.

Visible Damage on the Ceiling

Over time, the spot grew larger, and Jeri knew it was time to get serious about finding a company who could help her. She had been dealing with it for a couple months at that point, but she knew the potential for further damage was high as long as water was able to penetrate the interior.

Jeri’s sister recommended Exterior Medics, as she’d had some work done previously on the exterior of her home and had been impressed with the process and results. She trusted our expertise to be able to negotiate on her behalf, so she decided we were the right team for the project.

Going Above and Beyond for Clients

Right off the bat, Jeri was pleased with our approach. Even before she met with her salesperson, Yung, she was impressed with the level of detail he was able to offer. When he came out to inspect the roof in person, he took the time to educate Jeri on all of the components so she would understand what we needed to do and why.

Exterior Medics worked with Jeri’s insurance company, negotiating to get her more than she anticipated. Once this was settled, we were able to get started on her new roof. Jeri chose a GAF Royal Sovereign Shingle roof for her replacement. We also took care of some drywall and painting that needed to be done because of the damage.

Enjoying a Safe, New Roof

Jeri and her son now have a quality roof that keeps them dry and comfortable. Neighbors have even stopped by to offer compliments. As a homeowner, Jeri appreciates our unique lifetime warranty and the peace of mind it brings her as a homeowner.

Throughout the process, both Jeri and Dale enjoyed working with the Exterior Medics team. Dale, in particular, appreciated the way that the team made Jeri feel valued as a customer. They see Exterior Medics as a reliable company they will come back to again and again.

Products used

  • GAF Royal Sovereign Shingle Roof

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The Team Makes All the Difference

“My favorite thing are the people, the employees, of Exterior Medics. They’re just thoughtful, caring people...They’re a very reliable company that I would work with again and again.”

–  Jeri Brown, Homeowner

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