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A Gorgeous Terrace Roof Beyond What The Client Expected



The Cooper Project

The Coopers were empty-nesters who were new to the city and the demands of condo living. We helped them build a beautiful and durable rooftop terrace.

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A Roof With a View

The Coopers had a decision to make. The last of their children had left their suburban home, and they had the opportunity to live where they wanted. They made the decision to move closer to the city, purchasing a luxury high-rise condominium in a beautiful building with a view. The only issue? The rooftop patio was in dire need of repair. Water from roof leaks was causing damage in other areas of the home, and the couple was unable to use the space to appreciate the view they coveted. The Coopers contacted Exterior Medics for help so they could truly enjoy their new home.

A Personable Experience

The Coopers were referred to Exterior Medics from a friend. They first spoke to owner Joe LeVecchi and immediately connected with him, finding him to be very personable over the phone. When they met in person, the Coopers knew that Exterior Medics was the right company for the job.

The Coopers were also impressed that we were not afraid to take on a complex, high-risk project that had intimidated other contractors. After assessing their options, the client decided that Exterior Medics would do the best job on their rooftop terrace renovation.

The Details

This project was no ordinary roof renovation. When Mrs. Cooper initially reached out to us for help, she didn’t realize the extent of work that needed to be done. Being five stories high and situated between multiple neighbors, the Coopers’ condo presented a very challenging project. Because of its complexity, many other companies did not want to take on the risk. However, the roof was leaking into the home the client had just purchased, so it was imperative to get it fixed quickly. We had faith that we would be able to provide the Coopers with the results they desired.

We knew we had to be strategic in tackling their roofing system. The lack of staging space and high rooftop made this project particularly intense. In addition, the proximity to so many multimillion dollar homes made it vitally important that we make absolutely no mistakes.

What began as a roof replacement project turned into a balcony and top floor renovation, with intricate moulding work along the sides. Every step of the way, we guided the client through all variables, which resulted in them reporting that our communication was stellar.

The Results

In the end, the clients were wowed by the results, which provided them with a gorgeous terrace roof and several additional upgrades. Prior to the renovation, the water on the roof was not draining properly; instead, it was leaking directly into their living room and had rotted their doors and windows. Now, the Coopers have a roofing system that works perfectly and can be fully utilized—in addition to new and improved doors and windows.

Because the Coopers wanted the highest-quality material for their rooftop terrace overlooking the city, we chose to use Dec-Tec, which provides premium design and technical excellence. In the end, we were able to deliver results that went beyond what the client expected along with a project that went off without a hitch—and without disturbing the neighbors.

Products used

  • Dec-Tec Premium Vinyl Deck Membranes


Services Provided: 


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A Place to Enjoy the View

We were very impressed with the quality of work that Exterior Medics provided. They not only fixed our leaking roof, but they also crafted a beautiful yet functional terrace that's perfect for enjoying our new view. Throughout the project, communication was stellar, setting the stage for success from the beginning. The team went above and beyond, and we loved working with Joe!

Donna Cooper

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