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Finding Peace With a Leak-Free Roof




The Dean Project

Paul Dean was tired of collecting water in buckets. His leaking roof was creating a cascade of issues in the family’s home, including visible damage in their sunroom. By replacing the entire roofing system, Exterior Medics gave the family a home they can trust to keep them safe and dry.

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A Leaky Situation

When the Deans initially bought their home, they knew it would need some work down the line. But the fixer upper had plenty to offer their family. They purchased the home, planning to take care of issues as they appeared. While some problems don’t need to be solved right away, others are harder to ignore. The Deans needed to address their leaking roof before it caused further damage.

Water Damage Became a Concern

At first, the slow leaking from the roof seemed manageable. Paul Dean identified the areas of damage and used buckets to contain most of the water. This stop-gap method worked—for a little while. Over time, though, the leaking grew worse, and constantly moving buckets was wearing on Paul. Plus, the potential of overflowing buckets risked ceiling damage or worse. The sunroom was also showing signs of damage around the old skylights. The family knew it was time to call in a professional. So when Paul Dean met our salesperson Steve Harper in a networking group, he knew he’d landed upon the ideal solution: enlisting Exterior Medics for help. The Dean family appreciated that we like to get to know our customers as individuals and don’t create high-pressure sales situations.

The Details

When your roof leaks, there are multiple reasons to be concerned. While leaks present a clear sign that your roofing system needs to be evaluated, leaving water unchecked will eventually morph into other issues within your home. For the Deans, water was leaking not only in the attic but also in the sunroom, where plywood had started to deteriorate. The issues prevented the family from enjoying the natural light the sunroom provided.

The Exterior Medics team went to the Dean home to investigate and determine the best solution. The extent of the damage called for a complete roof replacement. To ensure a worry-free roof, we replaced the entire roofing system and the six old leaking skylights in the sunroom. Through it all, our project manager stayed in touch with the family every step of the way, prompting Paul Deal to cite communication as the best part of the experience for him.

The Results

Fixing the leaking issues eliminated the bucket issue and the risk of water damage. More importantly, the Dean family now has a roof they can count on to protect their home. By replacing the entire roofing system, our team gave the family a fresh start with built-in protection against future issues.

The initial feeling Paul Dean had after we completed the project was peace of mind. Now, every time it rains, he doesn’t have to worry. He feels a sense of pride in his home and knows the updates have made a major difference in its value.

Products used

  • GAF Timberline HD Shingles
  • GAF Everguard TPO Membrane
  • Velux Curb Mounted Skylights


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