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A Clear Transformation: From Leaks and Stains to Gorgeous New Windows

“The peace of mind that comes with somebody you trust is just invaluable.".



The Derbes Project

This homeowner wasn’t shocked to hear they needed new windows. What surprised him was how gorgeous new windows could look—and how smooth a replacement project could be.

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Leaking Windows Led to Staining

Originally from Baton Rouge, LA, the Derbes family has called Alexandria, Virginia home for around ten years. After a decade of living in the home—with windows that had been installed years prior—the family wasn’t surprised to discover that a few windows had sprung leaks. It began with water trickling down the wall underneath the windows in the master bedroom, creating drywall discoloration that ran from the sill to the baseboard.

Dan Derbes knew that the time had come to replace the home’s windows, which set off his search for a professional solution.

What Lies Beneath: The Risk for Mold and More

While the leaks created an eyesore in the bedroom, the real concern was what the water would do to the interior of the home the longer they let the issue go unchecked. Dan didn’t want to risk more serious issues such as mold or structural damage. He reached out to Exterior Medics so our team could take a closer look and determine the extent of the problem.

Dan’s first impression was that Exterior Medics was a professional company. This opinion was further solidified as we got deeper into the sales process and he realized that we weren’t just trying to sell him something—we were there to serve as consultants who would educate him to choose the best solution for his home.

A Smooth Window Replacement Experience

The best part of the experience for Dan Derbes was feeling like he knew more about his home after the project wrapped up. Our salesperson PJ talked him through the process from start to finish, not simply telling him what to do, but rather giving a comprehensive overview of all the possible options.

The largest part of the project entailed replacing the windows, but our work also included some minor siding repairs in the surrounding area, as well as some preventative maintenance measures for the roof to stave off future leaks. Throughout the process, Dan appreciated our level of communication and the fact that he always knew exactly what was going on.

More than anything, he was pleased that we followed through on our word to deliver a seamless exterior work experience.

At Peace With Our Lifetime Solution

At Exterior Medics, we focus on providing lifetime solutions that make sense for each client’s budget. After reviewing the options we presented, Dan and his family decided to go with Marvin fiberglass windows, a high-quality selection that will provide lasting protection. Fiberglass windows are a smart choice that can last 30 years or more, and with our unique lifetime warranty, we anticipate the Derbes family will get to enjoy their new windows for a while.

Dan Derbes said he would definitely call Exterior Medics again—in fact, he has already recommended our services to others. He cites the trust he was able to build with us as the most important factor in this decision because, in his own words, the peace of mind that comes from working with someone you trust is invaluable.

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Trust Brings Peace of Mind

“The peace of mind that comes with somebody you trust is just invaluable.”

–  Dan Derbes, Homeowner

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