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Transforming 71 Balconies in North Bethesda

The Gables on Tuckerman Project

Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics


Overhauling Aging Balconies

The Gables on Tuckerman, a condominium complex in North Bethesda, Maryland, was facing a significant challenge with its aging balconies. Built in the late eighties and early nineties, these balconies were in poor condition and required urgent attention. Exterior Medics was called upon to undertake a transformative project, reconstructing and reviving a total of 71 balconies, each unique in size, type, and style. The scope of this endeavor demanded meticulous planning and attention to detail to ensure exceptional results.

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Ensuring Resident Safety and Satisfaction

Safety was paramount throughout the project. To ensure a successful outcome, we established a dedicated onsite management team, including an assistant manager, to oversee the project's various components. Additionally, our community coordinators worked closely with the property manager, engineer, and affected residents to facilitate clear and consistent communication. We understood the importance of keeping everyone informed and addressing any concerns promptly.

The Details

Our approach was marked by comprehensive assessments and meticulous execution. As we embarked on this transformative project, detailed inspections revealed the absence of proper water-proofing and extensive damage plaguing the balconies.

Leaks had infiltrated windows, doors, and balconies themselves, demanding meticulous repairs. The intricate masonry required expert attention, as water had permeated the areas where the siding met the brick.

Furthermore, the structural framing necessitated extensive rehabilitation, as some foundational components had fallen prey to rot. Drawing upon our expertise, we fearlessly tackled these challenges, ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of the balconies. Through effective project management and unwavering dedication, we not only addressed every issue but surpassed all expectations.

The Results

Our ultimate goal was to exceed the expectations set by the property management team. Today, the Gables on Tuckerman boasts rejuvenated exteriors that transcend mere aesthetics.

Through the implementation of industry-leading techniques and the use of premium materials, we have achieved a balance of durability, functionality, and visual appeal. The reconstruction of each balcony has instilled a renewed sense of security among residents, assuring them of our unwavering commitment to their safety. This remarkable transformation has not only garnered immense satisfaction among residents but has also elevated the market value of the entire community.

The property management team is delighted with the final results, as our unyielding dedication to superior craftsmanship and exceptional service has left an indelible mark on the Gables on Tuckerman.

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Exterior Medics has done a great job reassuring our residents, making them feel like they are knowledgeable with the scope of work, that they will meet their needs and handle issues as they come up.

Michael Steward, General Manager, Gables on Tuckerman

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