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Transforming Homes, Building Dreams: A Remarkable Renovation Journey with Exterior Medics

"This has exceeded our expectations, the way the exterior was cleaned up and the way it kind of popped with some of the other things we had done on the property."

The Lindsey Project

With excellence in communication, knowledge, and a commitment to helping Chris realize his vision, Exterior Medics worked with Chris to make his new home shine.

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A Need for A Personal Touch

In the charm of a 1950s split-level house, Chris Lindsey discovered more than just a residence; it became the canvas for a transformative vision. This is the story of a home that underwent a remarkable metamorphosis, thanks to the expertise of Exterior Medics.

Discovering Potential

Chris Lindsey takes us back to the origins of their homeownership journey. The house, initially in need of renovations, captivated them with its layout and potential. With strategic accessibility, it became the perfect canvas for a dream home.

Crafting the Interior

The Lindseys envisioned an open, modern space, a departure from the traditional closed-off design typical of 1950s homes. Their first move was to knock down walls, breathing life into the heart of the home—the kitchen. This internal transformation set the stage for a natural progression—an exploration of the exterior.

A Trusted Referral

Word of mouth can be a powerful force. For Chris, it led him to Exterior Medics through a friend who spoke highly of their work. The trust established by a discerning friend was the catalyst that prompted Chris to engage with Exterior Medics for the external phase of their home makeover.

The Big Difference

One of the standout features of Chris's experience with Exterior Medics was the interaction with PJ, a knowledgeable Exterior Medics guide who took the time to understand their vision. PJ's insights and expertise played a pivotal role in bringing the Lindseys' dream to life.

Communication, Accessibility, Trust

In the world of home renovations, accessibility and clear communication are invaluable. Chris appreciated having PJ's personal cell phone number, ensuring updates and answers to queries were just a text away. This accessibility and transparency created a foundation of trust between the client and Exterior Medics.

The Transformation

Family and friends marveled at the stunning transformation of the exterior. The Lindseys not only achieved but exceeded their expectations. The meticulous work carried out by Exterior Medics was evident in every detail, from the cleaned-up exterior to the harmonious integration with other property enhancements.

Looking to the Future

In the tapestry of home renovation stories, Chris Lindsey's journey with Exterior Medics stands out as a testament to the transformative power of vision, expertise, and a trusted partnership. It's not just about renovating a house; it's about crafting a home that reflects dreams, aspirations, and a commitment to excellence.


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A Glowing Recommendation

At the end of the day, I would absolutely use them again. There are a few other things that we're thinking about on the exterior and they're gonna be my first call."

– Chris Lindsey, Homeowner

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