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A Seamless Solution: Michael Peacock's Experience with Exterior Medics' Warranty

"They really wanted to solve the problem and they honored the lifetime warranty."
Peacock Before

The Peacock Project

Discover the 12-year journey of Michael Peacock and Exterior Medics' roofing solution.

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A First Impression That Lasted

Michael Peacock's journey with Exterior Medics began in 2010 when he decided to hire the young and enthusiastic company to install a cedar shingle roof on his home. From the start, he was impressed by the owners, Joe and Mark, who were eager to prove themselves and stand behind their work. With a whole crew in tow, Exterior Medics quickly and efficiently completed the installation project.

12 Years Later, A Problem Emerges

After 12 years, Michael noticed that shingles were starting to fall off his roof. Rather than ignore the problem, he decided to reach out to Exterior Medics for help. To his surprise, the company sent an engineer out to assess the situation, who then informed Peacock that they would be replacing the entire roof.

A Company Committed to Customer Satisfaction

What impressed Michael the most was the level of commitment that Exterior Medics showed in resolving the issue. Whenever he called Tony, the foreman, Tony would always call back, and even proactively reached out several times to check on the situation. The company kept Mr. Peacock updated on the progress of the project and showed up exactly when they said they would.

A Warranty Project That Surpassed Expectations

Michael was pleasantly surprised when Exterior Medics informed him that they would be replacing the whole roof, despite cedar shake roofs being expensive. The warranty project was completed quickly, efficiently, and to Mr. Peacock's satisfaction. The company's commitment to resolving the problem, updating the customer, and exceeding expectations made Michael's experience with Exterior Medics a memorable one. The lifetime warranty offered by the company is a testament to the quality of their work, and Mr. Peacock is proud to recommend Exterior Medics to others in need of exterior services.

Products used

  • Cedar Shake Shingles

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A Glowing Recommendation

The experience was fantastic start to finish. I’d highly recommend them. If you’re in the area where Exterior Medics works, you need to hire them.

–  Michael Peacock, Homeowner

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