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From Frustration to Relief: A Homeowner's Journey to a Leak-Free Home

"No matter the problem, you know it's going to be the honest answer."



The Pierce Project

Discover how Courtney Pierce's roof repair journey resulted in a life-altering improvement, providing her with a beautiful home and peace of mind.

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The Road to a Dry and Happy Home

Growing up in Fairfax, Virginia, Courtney Pierce had a special connection to the home she eventually purchased - it was just two houses down from where she was raised. As a young DIY enthusiast, she was excited to tackle various home improvement projects but quickly realized there were some areas she was better off leaving to the professionals. One such area was the roof of her home, which was constantly leaking and in need of repair.

A Sea of Sales Pitches

With a leaky roof, Courtney found herself bombarded with sales pitches from roofing companies. Six different companies knocked on her door, offering their services to replace her roof. While Courtney knew that her roof needed to be fixed, she found it difficult to know who to trust. Everyone said that they could give her a rough estimate, but that the real extent of the damage wouldn't be known until they got inside and took a closer look. This left Courtney feeling frustrated and unsure of what to do.

A Breath of Fresh Air

It was at this point that Courtney was introduced to Exterior Medics. From the start, Exterior Medics showed empathy towards Courtney's situation and understood her frustration. Steve, the representative from Exterior Medics, took the time to assess the situation and give Courtney an honest evaluation of what he saw. Unlike the other companies, Steve wasn't there to sell a service, but to offer real solutions and give Courtney peace of mind.

For Courtney, this honesty and transparency was exactly what she needed. She appreciated the fact that Exterior Medics took the time to explain what was going on and to make sure she fully understood the situation. As a result, Courtney never felt pressured or worried. Instead, she felt grateful that she had called Exterior Medics. She knew that, like a doctor, they would take care of her home and make sure it was better for it.

From Leaks to Peace of Mind

With Exterior Medics on the job, Courtney no longer had to worry about the leaks in her roof. They fixed the problem and gave her the peace of mind she needed. With no more leaks, Courtney was free to enjoy her home again. She could finally make plans and live life without the constant stress and frustration of a leaky roof.

Courtney's experience with Exterior Medics is a testament to the importance of finding a company that you can trust. When it comes to fixing your home, it's essential to have a partner who will give you the honest truth and offer real solutions. Exterior Medics did just that for Courtney, and as a result, her life is now better and improved.

Products used

  • Timberline HDZ Shingles
  • Cool Plus Attic Fan

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A Glowing Recommendation

No matter the problem, you know it's going to be the honest answer"

– Courtney Pierce, Homeowner

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