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Leaking Led to a Major Overhaul

It started with some bothersome leaks in the buildings of the Sander’s Mill community. Or, rather, that was what prompted the call to Exterior Medics. Yet the leaking wasn’t really the beginning at all. The truth was, there had been issues that had been surfacing at the community for years. The property management team knew they couldn’t continue on this way—putting bandages on issues when, in reality, their community needed a major overhaul.

It was time to finally fix the problems the right way.

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It Would Be Their Largest Project to Date

Sander’s Mill is a close-knit community that many residents have called home for years, with a good portion having lived there since it was first built. The property management company is responsible for maintenance for its 24 buildings and 96 condos. So when there are clear issues with the exterior, not only does this affect the residents, but it also affects the resale value of units. If properties aren’t selling, then value is going down, and everyone loses.

The property management team brought Exterior Medics on-site to do an evaluation. They knew that it would take a sizable amount of work for success, a project of a much larger scope than they had ever done before. They also knew there would be residents with lots of questions. Their concerns were understandable, so we alleviated their worries by showing them nearby properties for which we had done similar work. This gave them the confidence they needed for us to get started.

The Details

Our first priority was ensuring the residents were aware of and comfortable with what we were doing. We took multiple measures to support smooth communication: we set up an online portal with a website and email addresses to bridge the gap between construction and the community.

Once we began to pull back siding to determine the extent of the leaking, we discovered that there was no water-proofing in place at all. Many of the buildings suffered from extensive damage. Leaks were coming in windows and doors, and many of the balconies needed attention as well.

In addition, the masonry needed work because water had seeped into the areas where the siding met the brick. Needless to say, the structural framing had grown in size and scope. The community ended up needing a considerable amount of structural rehab.

In fact, some of the key foundational structural pieces had rotted. If this hadn’t been fixed, there could have been some major catastrophes. Though the community knew we would uncover unseen damages, the extent was a bit shocking. Our knowledge and expertise helped soothe their fears, and in the end, we delivered a final outcome that made everyone happy.

The Results

At the beginning, we asked the property management team what would define success for the project. They stated that they wanted the residents and board to be happy, the buildings to look great, and the community to see an increase in their market value.

We accomplished all of those things.

Now, the buildings have exteriors that look brand new, giving them a competitive edge. Both the property management team and the residents are thrilled with the results.

One of the best parts for Property Manager Crystal Grey was that she could trust Exterior Medics to get the job done without continuous oversight. She didn’t have to be on-site every day and was free to focus on her own work. Coupled with the quality of work, the trust and communication that was present throughout the project made it a clear success.

Products used

            • Provia Aeris Patio Door
            • Provia Legacy Entry Door
            • Provia Legacy Fire-Rated Door
            • Kleer PVC Trim
            • CertainTeed Restoration Classic Select Cedar Dutch Lap Siding
            • K Style Gutter


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I would definitely recommend Exterior Medics. You meet with them, you assist the board with making the decisions, but you don’t have to oversee. I don’t have to be on site every day and monitoring because they handle everything so you don’t have to.

Crystal Grey, Property Manager, FirstService Residential

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