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The Specht Project

After noticing rot on the trim along windows and doors, Jim Specht reached out to Exterior Medics for a small refresh project. Yet there was more going on beneath the surface. The once-thought-to-be minor project turned out to be an almost complete exterior refurbishment, leaving the Specht family with a beautifully updated home.

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Fixing A Forever Home

The Spechts first bought their home 25 years ago. Over time, natural aging and weathering had led to exterior deterioration. The Spechts knew the day had come to take care of a few repairs. A bit of rot had shown up on the trim of some windows and doors, and the family figured their home would need a small refresh to fix these visible issues. After a few unpleasant experiences with contractors in the past, the Spechts knew the importance of hiring the right person for the job. They wanted a company who could do work that would last. This led them to Exterior Medics.

The Damage Hiding Underneath

Jim Specht first heard about Exterior Medics through a radio ad. This prompted him to dig deeper, and after he evaluated our capabilities, he decided we were the right partner for the job.

During our initial consultation, we warned the Spechts that the rot may have spread from the trim to the windows, and that the project could end up larger than they anticipated. Once we started work, we realized our prediction was correct: what began as a repair of a few problem areas morphed into a much larger project that revitalized the Specht family home.

The Details

The project was first proposed as a replacement of five windows, one french door, and any trim that succumbed to rot. Sometimes, though, older homes unveil unpredictable issues, causing the scope of work to change after we see the extent of the problem. After removing the rotted trim, the team noted that the rot had spread further into the windows. Eradicating the damage would mean expanding the number of window replacements.

After considering the options, the Specht family decided it would look better to replace all the windows on their home, for a grand total of 31. To complete the refurbished look, we also added full trim painting, siding replacement, three doors, and larger rain gutters.

The Results

Now, when the Spechts take walks in their neighborhood, they smile when they return home and see how gorgeous their newly refreshed exterior looks, feeling amazed that their older home can look so new. As a bonus, their rot-free home is now more energy-efficient thanks to newer innovation in the products they got.

The Specht family truly enjoyed working with Exterior Medics over the course of the project. They specifically cited their appreciation for our constant communication. Our team was happy to talk them through the process and answer questions when they needed more information. After prior negative experiences with home projects, the Spechts were happy to work with an organization that backs up their promises.

Products used

  • Mastic Quest Dutch Lap Colonial Yellow Siding
  • ProVia Endure Double Hung Windows
  • ProVia Heritage Smooth Fiberglass Patio Door
  • Kleer Cellular PVC Trim
  • Aleris Metals 6” Seamless Aluminum Gutters
  • EZ-Lock Gutter Screens


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