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The Dean Project

The Stone Family loves to relax outside of their home in Alexandria, Virginia. As much as they appreciate the outdoors, protecting the interior of their home is also a priority. So when a mysterious leak popped up in their bathroom, they wanted to uncover the cause so they could repair it and prevent further damage. A call to Exterior Medics cracked the case.

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A Mysterious Leak

After a major storm passed through and scattered debris, Richard Stone noticed a leak had sprung in his bathroom ceiling. The leak started slowly, but when the family noticed the lights blinking, they knew it was time to call in a professional. Multiple calls to other contractors produced no results—no one seemed able to determine where the leak was coming from. With no straightforward answers and no clear path forward, the Stone family was stuck, with no workable solution to move them forward..

Visible Damage on the Ceiling

The ceiling showed signs of damage, so the Stones continued their search for a solution. A local business networking group put Richard Stone in the path of Steve Harper, one of our salespeople. After hearing about the leak and learning that the issue was stumping other contractors, Steve felt confident that Exterior Medics had the expertise and experience to figure out what was wrong.

The Details

Our team knew that getting to the source of the leak was vital to prevent thousands of dollars in damage, so determining this was our priority. After evaluating the situation, we determined that a new roofing system would be the family’s best bet for long-term peace of mind. The Stones also wanted to update the skylights in their master bedroom, opting for something quieter. We used Velux with Neat® glass, made with silicon dioxide for a smoother finish that reduces water spotting and noise.

The Stone family has said the thing they most appreciated was our team’s speed, professionalism, and constant communication. We know how overwhelming renovation projects can be, so we strive to make the experience as comfortable as possible for families.

The Results

With a brand-new roof, Richard Stone and his family can now sleep well at night, knowing that mysterious leaks are a thing of the past. They especially loved our unique Lifetime Warranty. In fact, Richard Stone specifically mentioned how comfortable he felt choosing us because he knew we would be around long enough to fulfill the warranty. Working with Exterior Medics provides them worry-free assurance that their roofing investment is sound.

We also fulfilled the Stone family’s request for quieter skylights with Velux skylights that are 20% quieter than standard ones, a claim that the family is happy to report seems accurate. With better quality skylights, a reliable new roofing system, and a seamless experience with Exterior Medics, the Stone family can once again enjoy evenings in their yard knowing their home is secure.

Products used

      • Velux Skylights
      • GAF Timberline HDZ Shingles

Services Provided: 


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Wowed by Our Warranty

“I didn’t just get peace of mind, I got a warranty that’s going to be there for 50 years and an organization that will back that up.”

–  Richard Stone, Homeowner

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