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The Stratford Place Project

We Fixed Ongoing Leaks and Restored This Property’s Beauty.


From Cut Corners to a Complete Transformation

Leaks had become an issue for the Stratford Place community. Water was penetrating the units, coming in through the drywall, and even seeping into the living areas. Often, this is a sign that the buildings do not have adequate flashing from the original installation.

Reaching out to contractors was imperative for the community. They wanted to create a space that was safe, dry, and modern for their residents. Their community is very active and hands-on, so communication was going to be key for them. It would also be the community’s first million dollar project, so their standards were standards. They were understandably nervous about the end result. Choosing the right company was important…and that company turned out to be Exterior Medics.

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Making Old New Again

Water intrusion from inadequate flashing was just the beginning for Stratford Place. It prompted them to begin the search for a contractor, but they would soon realize that the project would require many moving parts. After reaching out to Exterior Medics, we met with the community’s board members to see what was needed and discuss the scope.

When building codes don’t require flashing, often builders will use caulk or sealant to block against water intrusion. Over time, however, these barriers break down and will eventually fail. Leaking water can lead to many issues, such as rotting wood, mold, and structural deficiencies. When not properly addressed, it can cause big issues and lead to needing to replace many structures, such as windows, siding, trim, and more.

While the reason for replacement was not ideal, it meant that Stratford Place residents would be getting upgraded units—ultimately improving their living experience, which is always the goal.

The Details

The project began in the midst of the pandemic, which had the potential to cause delays and issues. However, through careful planning and coordination, this didn’t slow our team down. The first thing we had to address was the concern that the community had about us working on their roof, which had been replaced about eight years ago. The property management team was worried that allowing us to walk on the roof to complete the necessary repairs would void the warranty.

We didn’t want this to be a concern, so Exterior Medics took over the warranty for them, providing them peace of mind.

On site, we immediately set up mobile offices to deliver the most convenient experience for both the residents and the property managers. We established a staging zone with a crew foreman to ensure smooth operations. Our goal was to eliminate issues before they even presented themselves.

The Results

Nine months later, we wrapped up the Stratford Place project. Despite the pandemic, the renovation ran smoothly. Though there are always unforeseen circumstances, even in the best of times, our on-site project manager made sure that materials were always ready and that everyone was able to get what they needed.

The management team at Stratford Place was thrilled with the outcome. Now, they have units that are updated and modern, helping them stay competitive in the market as new residents consider which community to call home. They called our work flawless and said it “speaks for itself.”

Aside from the quality of our work, the thing that separates ExteriorMedics from others, according to Stratford Place’s off-site manager Claudia Guzman, is their crew. We take pride in having a team that makes each renovation a positive experience for our customers.

Products used

            • Kleer PVC Trim
            • VERSATEX PVC Sheet
            • CertainTeed Restoration Classic Select Cedar Dutch Lap Siding
            • K Style Gutters


Services Provided: 


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What separates Exterior Medics from the rest is the staff, the crew. The supervisor helped address any concerns I had.

Claudia Guzman, Off-Site Manager, Stratford Place

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