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How We Turned a Prior Installation Mistake Into a Beautiful Roof

“I 100% would recommend them. I have and will continue to recommend them if anybody asks."



The Su Project

One homeowner’s dream home was at risk of damage from a leaking roof after the neighbors got solar panels. See how we fixed the issue for good.

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A Leak Caused By Solar Panels

Eastor Su wanted an easier commute to her job in Washington, D.C. Living in Alexandria provided an ideal solution: the picturesque town is cited as one of the best places to live in Virginia. Eastor was thrilled to find the perfect home for her. However, when the roof began leaking, her new sanctuary was at risk of becoming an expensive problem. As she dug further into the issue, she realized that an improper installation of her neighbor’s solar panels was to blame for the leak. At that point, water had been leaking in for about five years, and the damage to the interior had already taken root.

It was time to call a professional to fix the issue.

From Leaking Roof to Waterlogged Interior

It quickly became evident that the problem was worsening. There was damage under the stairway, with the plaster showing cracks and the ceiling beginning to bow. Eastor knew it was imperative to get it fixed before further damage unfolded.

Eastor reached out to several companies, many of whom refused to work on a flat roof. Exterior Medics, however, was happy to work on a proposal for a solution that would give Eastor the safe home she needed. Though several companies provided quotes, Eastor felt that Exterior Medics was the most direct with her, giving her a detailed proposal that outmatched every other company. She also felt that the scope of service and quality of work Exterior Medics could do far surpassed the competition. Her decision was made: it was time to move forward with the roofing project.

A Complete TPO Flat Roof Replacement

Once the project was underway, Eastor felt comfortable and at ease thanks to the communication and reassurance of the Exterior Medics team. She appreciated the personable nature of her salesperson, Yong Hwang, who made the experience stress-free by providing constant updates.

Eastor chose GAF’s EverGuardTPO membrane to protect her roof, a solution that is backed by our lifetime warranty. In fact, our unbeatable warranty is one of the aspects of our service that Eastor loved most. She appreciated that we wanted to solve her problem for good instead of providing a temporary quick fix.

Our solutions delivered a lifetime solution—and now Eastor no longer has to spend time worrying about her roof.

Enjoying a Safe, New Roof

Despite facing rejection from several roofing companies, Eastor found solace in Exterior Medics who not only provided her with a detailed proposal but also delivered exceptional quality work with a personable touch. Eastor opted for a complete TPO flat roof replacement using GAF's EverGuard TPO membrane, which is backed by a lifetime warranty. Thanks to the diligent and reassuring efforts of the Exterior Medics team, Eastor no longer has to worry about her roof and can focus on enjoying her picturesque home in one of the best places to live in Virginia.

Products used

  • GAF's EverGuard TPO Membrane

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A Glowing Recommendation

“I 100% would recommend them. I have recommended them; I will continue to recommend them if anybody asks”

–  Eastor Su, Homeowner

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