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The Tiers at Silver Spring

See how our restoration of 173 units turned into a complete rehabilitation as we uncovered deeper issues.


Restoring a Property’s Luster

When we began work on The Tiers at Silver Spring, we knew the property needed some restoration. What we didn’t realize was the extent to which the property needed to be rehabilitated. In spite of the unexpected scope, we were able to complete the project within our originally promised time frame, restoring roofing, siding, and gutters for 173 units, as well as providing massive unexpected structural renovations.

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A Project That Doubled in Size

The Tiers at Silver Spring offers cozy condominium homes in an active, established community. Over time, many of their exterior elements had weathered and needed a refresh. With 173 units and a request for renovated roofing, siding, gutters, and trim, we knew it was going to be a big job. After digging into the bones of the buildings, however, we realized it would be a much bigger project than what we had planned.

We didn’t allow the new scope to intimidate us. Instead, we dove into action and got to work, structural renovations and all.

The Details

From the first day we began work on The Tiers at Silver Spring, we had one main goal in mind: minimizing disruptions to the residents’ lives. While restoring a property is essential in ensuring it remains a nice place to live, we knew the work would take time, and we didn’t want to impose on residents.

Once the project was underway, we realized that the community rehabilitation we had been expecting was a much larger endeavor. As we began to expose the substrate, we discovered rotted structural components, the extent of which can only truly be determined when you get behind the siding. To determine the depth of the damage and the scope of new work, we brought in a top engineer. Working side by side with this expert every step of the way ensured we could deliver improvements that were both safe and structurally-sound.

Based on the engineer’s assessment, we were able to appropriately scope out and address all issues that the community was facing. In addition to roofing, siding, trim, and gutters, we also rehabilitated decking and stairs, reframed walls, and rebuilt chimneys and units. Many other companies might have shied away from such an abrupt departure from the original plan. At Exterior Medics, however, we were happy to adjust on the fly to get the project to where it needed to be, while still maintaining our promise of getting in and getting out without compromising our high quality standards of craftsmanship.

To deliver on our promise, we expanded our on-site team which included adding an assistant on-site manager. Above all else, our communication is the single most important factor that helped this project unfold without a hitch. To allay resident concerns regarding the increased scope, we expanded our communication tactics by adding notices throughout the community with our contact info, with any messages going directly to all team members steering the project, including Exterior Medics’ Co-Owner Mark Watson.

The Results

Now, thanks to our renovations, The Tiers at Silver Spring offers residents beautifully rehabilitated units and a safer, more structurally-sound community. The Tiers community started with aging exteriors that were in need of a refresh, and when it was clear that the renovation would go deeper than merely changes on the surface, Exterior Medics didn’t hesitate to step up to get it done. Instead, we created a community that looks great and that residents and property management can feel confident is safe.

With our perseverance, an organized staging system, and regular community emails providing residents with updates, we were able to create beautiful results while catering to the needs of the community.

Products Used:

            • CertainTeed Restoration Classic Siding
            • GAF Timberline HD Fox Hollow Asphalt Shingles
            • Rmax Insulated Panels
            • Quad Exterior Caulking
            • Tyvek House Wrap
            • Bituthene Water Proof Membrane
            • Veranda PVC Trim
            • BEHR Paint


Services Provided: 


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