bay and bow windows in northern virginia

bay and bow windows

We repair, replace, and install bay windows and bow windows in Northern Virginia.

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Bay Window Installation in Northern Virginia

Bay and Bow Windows Installation and Repair in Greater Washington

Bay and bow windows are architectural accents in many ways, dramatically extending from a home and bringing attention to exterior walls as a point of interest. Bay and bow windows enhance the style and interior beauty of a room by allowing more sunlight to filter through, and infuse a sense of spaciousness. The view from bay and bow windows is accentuated by bringing to focus three or more distinct planes or vantage points.
Quick facts about bay windows and bow windows
  • The differences between bay and bow windows are that bay windows have a minimum of three windows, while bow windows have four or more windows of equal angles for a smoother curve.
  • Whether you want to make a cozy three-dimensional book nook with garden windows or a bay window, or enjoy a more elegant setting with the graceful curve of a bow window, these windows inspire many imaginative window space, interior- and exterior-design solutions.
Types of bay and bow windows by material
  • Wood bay and bow windows
    Wood affords homeowners a rich, luxuriant feel. Wood is a natural insulator and may be painted or refinished for future design upgrades.
  • Vinyl bay and bow windows
    Vinyl material is extremely durable and does not corrode. It offers nice energy efficiency and low maintenance.
  • Fiberglass bay and bow windows
    Fiberglass is the material of choice for many homeowners and home builders. Fiberglass is impervious to the elements, including salt air and UV light. Fiberglass expands and contracts with the glass as a single unit, and is practically maintenance-free.

Installing bay and bow windows

Exterior Medics offers a variety of window installations including bay and bow windows of exceptional quality from respected manufacturers. Bay and bow windows are available in wood, vinyl or fiberglass. Each material has its strengths and deficiencies.
Did a great job installing two new windows. Cleaned up so well that we could not tell they were even in the house. Excellent workmanship. George Altiery - Homeowner
We have used Exterior Medics for more than one project and have found them to be extremely professional and thorough in their diagnosis of what the home problem is and in the fixing of the problem. Their staff are helpful and knowledgeable. Nancy & Doug Todd - Homeowners
They were great to work with and they are very professional. They did what they said they were going to do, in the time they said they would do it. I had no concerns at all. I would highly recommend them and use them again. Adam F. - Homeowner