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bay and bow windows

We repair, replace, and install bay windows and bow windows in Northern Virginia.

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Bay Window Installation in Northern Virginia

Bay and Bow Windows Installation and Repair in Greater Washington

Bay and bow windows are architectural accents in many ways, dramatically extending from a home and bringing attention to exterior walls as a point of interest. Bay and bow windows enhance the style and interior beauty of a room by allowing more sunlight to filter through, and infuse a sense of spaciousness. The view from bay and bow windows is accentuated by bringing to focus three or more distinct planes or vantage points.
Quick facts about bay windows and bow windows
  • The differences between bay and bow windows are that bay windows have a minimum of three windows, while bow windows have four or more windows of equal angles for a smoother curve.
  • Whether you want to make a cozy three-dimensional book nook with garden windows or a bay window, or enjoy a more elegant setting with the graceful curve of a bow window, these windows inspire many imaginative window space, interior- and exterior-design solutions.
Types of bay and bow windows by material
  • Wood bay and bow windows
    Wood affords homeowners a rich, luxuriant feel. Wood is a natural insulator and may be painted or refinished for future design upgrades.
  • Vinyl bay and bow windows
    Vinyl material is extremely durable and does not corrode. It offers nice energy efficiency and low maintenance.
  • Fiberglass bay and bow windows
    Fiberglass is the material of choice for many homeowners and home builders. Fiberglass is impervious to the elements, including salt air and UV light. Fiberglass expands and contracts with the glass as a single unit, and is practically maintenance-free.

Installing bay and bow windows

Exterior Medics offers a variety of window installations including bay and bow windows of exceptional quality from respected manufacturers. Bay and bow windows are available in wood, vinyl or fiberglass. Each material has its strengths and deficiencies.
April 2023
Exterior Medics recently accomplished a face lift of our front porch and carport. We had three windows replaced and removed shutters and replaced vinyl siding with James Hardie board and batten panels. We also installed vinyl soffit coverage to entire carport and porch ceilings. Finally, we blocked out our 7 existing wooden columns around porch and carport with PVC. Everything was painted and it looks fantastic! We were pleased with Ben, our sales representative who guided us through our concept to get to our vision of the project locked in. Eric Holmes, the project manager provided excellent communication through the scheduling and during the actual construction phase by discussing each detail of the renovation to assure he and the crew were clear on our expectations of what the finished product should look like. He visited with us and the crew on site on the morning before the work got started and was there to rectify a problem with the supplies that were delivered. And called on the second day to check on the progress and after completion to check on our satisfaction. The 3 man crew led by “Chapes” was phenomenal. They were very skilled and made suggestions as the work progressed to make the final outcome even better than we hoped. I appreciated their experience and expertise very much.
Patrice Chadbourne
April 2023
We worked with Ron Rodriguez at Exterior Medics and had an amazing experience. Ron is knowledgeable, patient and creative and helped us chose the best windows and garage door for our home. Our house has been transformed thanks to Ron’s creative touch. We have been so happy that we have just entrusted him with a new important project for our house. Ron, we are very lucky to have found you and would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to remodel their windows. Thank you!
Paola Saglia
March 2023
We found Exterior Medics to be the best choice among 5 vendors from whom we obtained estimates. Not only did they offer the best prices and quality (ProVia products) but with outstanding personnel. What made the choice easy was the company rep, Ron Rodriguez, who was straight forward, honest and just plain friendly the entire time he spoke with us from the first meeting and every time since. After now three orders with Ext Medics since last summer, we've been able to recondition the windows of our 1942 Cape Cod to realize a more energy efficient, beautiful and livable space. Lead times were an issue for our first order, but during installation, the ground team did an exceptional job to safely and efficiently switch out the old to the new - with minimal impact on our lives and the house. Despite huge customer demand which at times made managing the install difficult, the Ext Medics team always came through to provide the right level of attention and service. Highly recommended for your next window upgrade!
Rob Palm
March 2023
I am employed with an HOA Management company, and we work very closely with Exterior Medics for a number of our communities' needs. Melanie has excellent customer service skills, she is very professional, and always quick to respond to emails or phone calls. I would definitely recommend this company if you care about quality service and workmanship!
Cheri Seitz



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