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Award winning double hung window repair, replacement, and installation in Northern Virginia.

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double hung window repair in greater Washington DC

Double Hung Window Repair and Installation in Greater Washington

Double hung windows are the very definition of the classic window style. Double hung windows are complex in design. The meticulous fabrication is only accomplished with the precision and expertise of a skilled craftsman. These windows consist of two slightly overlapping parts that slide up and down within the frame. Style and size can vary from one part to the next for greater design options and selections for homeowners.
What is a double hung window?
  • Traditionally, the two sections were supported by counterweights contained inside boxes on either side of the window.
  • Modern double hung windows use spring balances for smoother operation.
  • Double hung windows fare well for quality, beauty and function.
  • These windows provide rooms nice ventilation when both sections are slightly opened.
  • They are frequently used in bedrooms, bathrooms and other spaces throughout the home.
Why install double hung windows?
  • Double hung windows are well-suited and attractive in practically any interior setting.
  • No extra interior or exterior space is needed to open and close these windows, making them an excellent choice for small rooms and tight spaces next to patios doors and walkways.
  • Double hung windows offer a very attractive design element for ventilation in rooms with picture and radius windows.
  • There are many style and design options with customizable grids and glass enhancements. Vinyl materials are popular and provide a fresh clean look. Vinyl double hung windows are very durable and require little maintenance. Wood is always a popular option when it comes to double hung window installations. Wood can be painted and designed as needed, providing greater exterior and interior style and design options.

Installing double hung windows

Double hung window replacements are available as complete units, oversized windows covering spaces as large as 5 × 10 feet and as inserts into existing window frames. Select double hung windows employ tilt lever lock which allows tilting or removal of the sash for easy cleaning.
Did a great job installing two new windows. Cleaned up so well that we could not tell they were even in the house. Excellent workmanship. George Altiery - Homeowner
We have used Exterior Medics for more than one project and have found them to be extremely professional and thorough in their diagnosis of what the home problem is and in the fixing of the problem. Their staff are helpful and knowledgeable. Nancy & Doug Todd - Homeowners
They were great to work with and they are very professional. They did what they said they were going to do, in the time they said they would do it. I had no concerns at all. I would highly recommend them and use them again. Adam F. - Homeowner