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Award winning garden window replacement, installation, and repair in Northern Virginia.

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Garden window installation in Northern Virginia

Garden Window Installation and Repair in Greater Washington

Garden windows delight the senses and brighten a room with sunlight, aroma and décor. Transform any room and space in the home into a garden window greenhouse, and enjoy a little serenity for yourself, or perhaps provide a fun and educational activity for the family, and garden windows always make an interesting and beautiful conversation piece season after season.
Quick facts about garden window installation
  • By design, garden windows act as small greenhouses with ventilation and shelving for plants, herbs and flowers.
  • Garden windows extend slightly out from the house, so there should be adequate room for any exterior features and activities, such as walkways or patios.
  • Garden windows are not only reserved for the kitchen window. Imagine a garden window in different rooms of the home, such as the children’s room or a home office, and the benefits and possibilities of window gardening begin to flourish.
Garden window ideas
  • Herbs: A kitchen garden window is the obvious location for an herb garden. Pluck herbs for fresh spice for cooking. Popular plants for kitchen window gardens are dill, chives, coriander, tarragon and fennel.
  • Vegetables: Not all vegetables are appropriate for garden windows, but there are still plenty of nice (and spicy) choices, such as jalapenos and habanero, radishes, cucumbers and perhaps tomatoes.
  • Fragrant plants: Provide natural aromas for your home with fragrant plants. Many herbs are valued for their aromatic qualities and beauty, including scented geraniums, peppermint, lavender, chamomile and basil.
  • Sun-loving plants: If the location of your garden window receives plenty of sunshine, then sun-loving plants are a delight. Geraniums, snapdragons, petunias, nasturtiums and cacti make welcome additions to a sun-filled garden window.

Garden window replacement

Garden window replacements are available in a wide selection of sizes and glass designs to suit many tastes. Vinyl is often the preferred frame material for its durability, low maintenance and longevity. Wood garden windows can be painted, stained and decorated to match any exterior design.
Did a great job installing two new windows. Cleaned up so well that we could not tell they were even in the house. Excellent workmanship. George Altiery - Homeowner
We have used Exterior Medics for more than one project and have found them to be extremely professional and thorough in their diagnosis of what the home problem is and in the fixing of the problem. Their staff are helpful and knowledgeable. Nancy & Doug Todd - Homeowners
They were great to work with and they are very professional. They did what they said they were going to do, in the time they said they would do it. I had no concerns at all. I would highly recommend them and use them again. Adam F. - Homeowner