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Deck the Yard: Ideas for Elegant Outdoor Holiday Decor

Dec 3, 2018 2:20:00 PM

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Welcoming guests into your home is one of the best parts of the winter season. Work tends to slow down for many people as they take time off to spend with family and friends during the holidays. Creating a warm and inviting outdoor scene is one way you can creatively express your enjoyment of the season. This holiday season, you can elevate the look of your home with outdoor decor that makes a statement. There are endless ways to add style to your outdoor space, from crafting a homemade wreath for your front door to having thousands of white lights professionally strung. You are sure to find some options that will work together so you can achieve a look that is uniquely your own. 

Choose a Color(ful) Theme

There are many different color combinations that can come together during the holidays. White and gold, blue and silver, red and green—the options are nearly endless. When you pick a colorful theme for your outdoors, you're creating a cohesive design that you can build upon with various options. There's no reason to stop your holiday decor at the door to your home, either. When you leverage design options that will work both inside and outside, you're extending the feeling of welcoming that starts at your driveway and ushers your guests all the way inside your home. 

Brilliant White Lights

Decorating with white is timeless and never goes out of style. While you may not have the time available to hang dozens of strands of lights yourself, there are many professionals who are able to safely and securely create the holiday yard of your dreams. While more expensive, LED lights are brighter white and glow with a cool shade that has blue tones. Traditional lights have a warmer look and can appear slightly yellow. No matter which option you choose, adding white lights to your yard, trees and porch are one way to create an ambiance that your guests will love. 

Rustic Country Home

Shades of red and weathered wood or evergreen can boost the warm, homey atmosphere in your yard and around your front door. Whether you decide to go with a handmade wreath or purchase one, the scent and feel of evergreen help create a welcoming feel for your space. Rustic country decor could include everything from yard decorations such as deer or other small woodland creatures to hand-painted signs or snowmen scattered next to the walkways leading up to your front door. Your front door can bring in the holidays with burlap, red and green checkerboard fabric or flannel to help ward off the cold of the snowy season. Look for a wreath with bright red berries and frame your door with a garland of natural greenery. 

Silver and Gold

When you want to create a timeless and elegant theme for your home and yard, you may not need to look any further than silver and gold decor. The various shades of shiny metal brightly reflect twinkling lights and can create a fairytale wonderland to surround your home. Consider having bright white lights outlining the roof of your home and creating a starburst of color leading up to your front door. If you have a porch area, oversized plastic silver and gold ornaments can be hung at varying heights to add to the elegant feeling of wonder. Evergreen is another popular choice, but you could contrast the deep shades of green with the rich looking glitter of metallic ornaments or colored sprays of flowers or beads. 

No matter what type of holiday display you have planned for your yard, you can always incorporate new ideas from neighbors and found online on sites such as Pinterest. Finding just the right mix of style for your yard will allow you to create the elegant outdoor holiday decor of your dreams.