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DIY Door and Window Trim Painting

Mark Watson, July 8
Don't let your home look old and uncared for. When the paint around your doors and windows becomes dull and dirty, itfalse

6 Projects to Tackle When You're Stuck at Home

Mark Watson, June 17
Are you getting stir-crazy, stuck at home during the quarantine? Take advantage of the extra time by tackling some homefalse

How to Safely Get a Home Renovation During COVID-19

Mark Watson, April 20
COVID-19 doesn't have to disrupt your home renovation plans. While many are staying home and social distancing forfalse

Why Are Flat Roofs Common on Commercial Buildings?

Mark Watson, March 27
Have you ever asked yourself why flat roofs are common on commercial buildings when most roofs on homes are slanted?false

6 Interior Projects to Complete During the Cold Winter

Mark Watson, February 3
Are you one of those homeowners who always wants to be doing something to improve your home? If so, the winter can be afalse

Top 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Commercial Siding

Mark Watson, January 29
Commercial siding is a great way to improve your commercial building's energy-efficiency, appearance, and durability.false

The Importance of Multi-Family Apartment Chimney Cleaning

Mark Watson, December 11
When was the last time you invested in chimney cleaning for your multi-family apartments? If you're not cleaning yourfalse

6 Fireplace Design Ideas That Will Inspire You

Mark Watson, December 4
Is it time to update your fireplace? Or do you want to install a new one? Fireplaces can start to look dated prettyfalse

Creatures Lurking in the Dark: Why You Should Clean & Repair Gutters

Mark Watson, November 25
Do you know what's lurking inside your gutters? If you haven't been maintaining them, virtually anything could befalse

How to Choose a Door for Harsh Weather Conditions

Mark Watson, October 29
If your home regularly experiences extreme weather, your exterior door could have a lot to do with your comfort levelfalse