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The Dangers of Exposed Shingles and Siding

Mar 20, 2018 9:30:00 AM

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Our homes aren't just places that we can go to sleep, relax and stay comfortable during the seasons, but they also help protect us from the elements that Mother Nature throws our way. But a home's role as protector can still take a toll on its surface.

For instance, after high winds, strong storms and other types of severe weather, certain exterior features - like the roof and the siding - can become damaged. And being that the roof and siding play such a key role in keeping everything going on outside of the home from entering the home, it's imperative that any issues are quickly diagnosed and repaired. Otherwise, the damage could lead to far more severe property damage ramifications and a much costlier overall fix.

Here's a look at what happens when shingles go missing from the roof or siding breaks away from the home:

The Trouble with Exposed Shingles

Think of the roof like a sports team. If the players in the game aren't all doing their jobs, then the overall team is going to suffer. The same goes for the roof - if the shingles aren't all in proper working order, then the home is going to suffer. In the case of exposed shingles, there's serious potential for significant home damage. For instance, water and moisture have more of an outlet into the home, and it'll start by soaking the wood sheathing underneath the missing shingles. This will likely lead to wood rot, which can then lead to water leaking into the attic. When water enters the home, extensive water damage can occur, requiring replacement of wood beams, drywall and potentially even more. Additionally, mold growth is also a possibility following water intrusion, which can lead to further property damage and potential health issues among home occupants. 

The Trouble with Exposed Siding

If siding becomes damaged, there's a slew of issues that may occur. For starters, there's a greater potential for home water damage. Like missing or damaged roof shingles, water now has an outlet into the home, and it'll start rotting out the material underneath the siding as it tries to make its way into the home. If water damage does escalate to the point where it enters the home, it is likely to make its mark in the wall cavities, a problematic area to identify, and repair and/or replace. The other big issue with exposed siding is that it's a welcome nesting spot for insects, so in addition to water damage, you may have a pest infestation on your hands. And finally, siding damage doesn't do any favors for your home's curb appeal, something that's important to take into consideration if you're trying to increase the resale value of the property.


Siding repair and roof repair aren't particularly expensive issues to resolve, but it is crucial to have any issues fixed - and have such issues fixed quickly - to minimize the potential for more property damage. That's where an experienced, professional contractor can come in handy. For more information on roof and siding damage and repair, contact us today.