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We install, repair and replace gutters in & around Great Falls, VA.
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Gutter Installation & Repair

It rains a lot in Great Falls, Va. When you combine rain and snowfall, more than 50 inches of water falls from the sky each year in Northern Virginia. That's quite a bit of water running off your roof! Are your gutters able to handle the task? Or is your home at risk of damage due to water leaks from faulty gutters?

Gutters inspection

To ensure your gutters are in the best working order, allow Exterior Medics to conduct routine inspections. We will look for problems like:

  • Dents,
  • Rust,
  • Leaks,
  • Clogs,
  • Sags, and
  • Disjointed sections.

These problems mean your gutter system doesn't work as well as it could, which may result in damage to the interior or foundation . We'll recommend a solution to address the problem that preserves the integrity of your home. We guarantee each home owner is 100 percent satisfied with our work.

Installing and maintaining gutters

Your gutters must be functional, but they also must add to the design motif of your home. In some cases, homeowners may choose to replace an aging gutter system to improve the home's appearance. An upgrade will not only improve the curb appeal of your home and help your gutter system work as efficiently as possible. 

Exterior Medics has several options from which to choose when selecting new gutters.

Built-in gutters fit directly into your home's roofing. They aren't visible but effectively move water away from your home.

Copper gutters are beautiful and durable. A pricier option, copper gutters resist rust, need little maintenance and add to your home's character.

Aluminum gutters are the traditional option for most homeowners. Cost effective and functional, aluminum gutters are available in many colors.

All gutters will require some maintenance. The style and age of your gutter system will determine how often they need maintenance. Exterior Medics is available to conduct periodic maintenance service on all gutter systems

Unparalleled Service and Quality

Exterior Medics is the premier home improvement contractor in Northern Virginia. Through consistent communications, quality workmanship and an ethical approach to service, Exterior Medics stands ready to exceed your expectations for any remodeling project. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary, in-home consultation.

Work completed quickly and with high quality. Two years later still looks new. Barton Weick - Homeowner
I like their professionalism, quality and reliability. Henry Jenkins - Homeowner
These guys did a fantastic job. They were accommodating to my schedule, worked very quickly, answered all of my questions with in-depth responses and an overall delight to deal with. Nathan M. - Homeowner
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