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Are your gutters in disrepair? If the answer is yes, a home-exterior professional should perform a detailed inspection of the gutter system, roof and home in order to answer the more urgent question; Is your home sustaining water damage?

An well-maintained and efficient gutter system is a critical component for preventing water damage to a home’s roof, the interior spaces and the foundation. Water damage may manifest in the form of wood rot, mold and bacterial growth, paint and drywall damage, electrical-system damage, ruined insulation, cracked concrete and any other system, component or possession inside a home that is not supposed to get wet.

Here are some indicators your gutter system needs repair:
  • Leaks at seams.
  • Holes caused by rust or acidity erosion from vegetation decomposition.
  • Sagging gutters hinder free water flow and promote water stagnation.
  • Rust occurring in scratched or damaged steel gutters.
  • Dents and damage caused by ladders, or the stress of heavy snow and ice.
  • Disjointed gutter lengths falling down.
  • Clogged gutters and downspouts spilling water onto property.
Here are some steps you can take for preventive maintenance:
  • Inspect the fascia board and sheathing for water damage.
  • Inspect gutters for holes, sagging (standing water), rust and other damage.
  • Inspect seams for wear and leakage.
  • Inspect slope of gutter, and tighten straps as needed.
  • Perform thorough cleaning of the gutters and downspouts.

Getting your gutter repaired

Gutter repair not only protects home and property, it enhances beauty and home value. Gutter repair and preventive maintenance should be performed by a professional roofing contractorthat has the expertise to identify current or potential gutter issues, and water-damaged roofing, home and property.

An experienced contractor asks pertinent questions regarding water drainage, previous gutter maintenance, roof maintenance, saturated landscaping areas following rain, moldy or musty odors inside the home and should request to inspect the attic area for signs of water leakage.

The contractor should explain the benefits of metal gutter screens and covers to block leaves and other debris from entering the gutters and downspouts. The contractor should be familiar with rainwater harvesting systems, and explain its benefits for maintaining a “green” lawn and other uses for collected rainwater.

March 2023
I am employed with an HOA Management company, and we work very closely with Exterior Medics for a number of our communities' needs. Melanie has excellent customer service skills, she is very professional, and always quick to respond to emails or phone calls. I would definitely recommend this company if you care about quality service and workmanship!
Cheri Seitz
February 2023
We got a lot of estimates from many different contractors. Ron Rodriguez at Exterior Medics was the only one who really listened to what we wanted, and took the extra time to walk us through exactly how they could get our 1940s house the way we wanted. For us that meant adding insulation, new Hardie board siding, and new doors. Ron kept us informed every step of the way. When construction started, the project manager Brad and his crew were great. They were real proffesionals and our house came out looking better than imagined and with new insulation that really sealed up our old house.
Eric Beckley
November 2022
Exterior Medics installed new siding, exterior painting, deck staining, a renovated porch, and new gutters. The crews were very thorough, friendly, and professional. Our house now looks amazing and our neighbors love it too. We highly recommend this company.
October 2022
Exterior Medics replaced all of the siding on our house with James Hardie siding. Because of the way they package and price their work, the price quoted to us was thousands of dollars less than any other company. Once the project began, the crew worked tirelessly and completed the work efficiently. The work of the crew was impeccable. I highly recommend Exterior Medics for any work you need done on your house!!
Melissa Edwards



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