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Expert wood siding repair, maintenance, and installation services in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland.

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Installing Wood Siding in Northern Virginia with Exterior Medics

Wood Siding Installation and Repair in Greater Washington

Solid wood remains a favorite cladding solution for many traditional homes in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland. Wood siding on a home exudes warmth, beauty and charm, compliments many architectural styles and can create a wide variety of looks.

Additionally, the large selection of wood species, in combination with a multitude of siding patterns, offers homeowners practically an endless array of style and design options to achieve a look and character unique to each home.

Popular types of wood siding
  • White, Red or Jack Pine
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Douglas Fir
  • Redwood
  • Cypress
Popular and classic siding patterns
  • Cove Lap (also Dutch or German Lap) Siding is one of the oldest siding styles around. It is similar in appearance to traditional siding but for a decorative groove in the top of the board.
  • Bevel Siding is common with Western Red Cedar, and it is perhaps the most widely-used siding style. It is beautiful in appearance, and straightforward in function.
  • Channel Rustic Lap Siding is designed to look like traditional wood siding, but without the splits and cracks.

Wood siding durability and maintenance

Wood siding requires more maintenance than vinyl siding and fiber cement siding. Wood must be treated, and painted or stained every 5-10 years, depending on wear. If wood siding is not properly maintained, it becomes susceptible to rot, decay, swelling, insect infestation, mold and mildew and fire. However, with normal maintenance and care, wood siding is durable, resistant to the elements and may easily outlast vinyl siding.
May 2020

Hit all the high points of effective home service. Gave good options for the work at a reasonable price. Delivered on their timeliness promise. Quality and courtesy of technicians was great.

Kevin Bartoe
October 2018
Exterior Medics is extremely reliable and awesome to work with! They have been able to squeeze alot of emergency projects for my community into their schedule, which has been such a lifesaver for my residents and I. The Board and community are always extremely pleased with the efficiency and quality of their work.
Happy Resident
December 2020
Crews were knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Was a multiple crew, multiple day project with good scheduling and good cleanup between days. All work was done well and we are very pleased.
Happy Resident
October 2020
The team was extremely knowledgeable and professional and worked extremely hard over a period of two weeks. Every detail was attended to. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering replacing old siding on their home.
Happy Resident



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