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Chimney Maintenance Checklist

Mark Watson, October 19
Winter is coming, and if hits means your thoughts are turning to a warm fire in the fireplace and family gatheredfalse

How to Clean Your Gutters Properly

Mark Watson, October 12
Minimally, you should be cleaning out your gutters twice a year – once in the spring and again in the fall. However, iffalse

When to Repair or Replace Your Windows: 5 Signs Every Homeowner Should Know

Mark Watson, September 30
Though the longevity of home windows depends on a variety of factors, such as material, quality and manufacturer, mostfalse

Ranked: Top 5 Environmentally Friendly Home Cleaning Supplies

Mark Watson, September 22
Have you ever really closely examined exactly what is in the cleaning products you use around the home? Do you wonderfalse

DIY Wood Siding Maintenance

Mark Watson, September 9
If you have wood siding, it's likely because you love its classic look as well as the ability of it to be easilyfalse

Winter Is Coming: 8 Home Exterior DIY Tasks to Prepare for the Changing Season

Mark Watson, September 1
Winter is coming. And as the temperatures start dropping, the leaves start falling and the days become shorter, it'sfalse

5 Simple DIY Hacks to Increase Your Home's Value

Mark Watson, August 26
Many homeowners are under the impression that the only way to add value to their homes is via renovations, additions orfalse

5 Clever Outdoor Storage Ideas

Mark Watson, August 18
Finding space for all of your items and belongings inside of your home is one thing. Creating space outside is a wholefalse

Change the Mood: 5 Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

Mark Watson, August 11
No matter how much work you put into your outdoor area surrounding your house, you can only enjoy it at night if youfalse

3 Easy Eco-friendly Landscaping Projects for Summer 2017

Mark Watson, August 4
Sustainability is a major trend in home landscaping nationwide. The greater Washington D.C. area of southern Marylandfalse