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Sprucing Up Your Patio for Outdoor Parties

Mark Watson, April 24
It's about that time of year again: time to start hosting outdoor parties and events! If your patio has started to getfalse

7 Things All New Homeowners Should Know

Joe LeVecchi, April 10
Congratulations on your new house! Having a first house is a tremendously exciting experience, but it can also be anfalse

9 Places Where Mold or Mildew Appear in Your Home

Mark Watson, March 20
Are you worried about the potential for mold and mildew around your home? Mold and mildew can be difficult to get ridfalse

Should I Invest in Landscaping for My Home?

Joe LeVecchi, March 6
If you're looking to invest in your home, consider tackling the exterior and the landscaping first. While landscapingfalse

What's Your Front Door Style?

Joe LeVecchi, February 28
How do you feel about your home's front door? Does it have personality? Or is it just what came with the house when youfalse

Renovating on Your Time: Choosing the Best Season for Your Project

Mark Watson, February 18
Do you have some renovation projects that have been weighing heavily on your mind? When's the right time to getfalse

Planning Your Vegetable and Herb Garden

Joe LeVecchi, February 6
It's that time again: the time when gardeners start furiously drawing in notebooks and writing out spreadsheets to planfalse

Choosing the Right Fire Pit for Your Backyard

Joe LeVecchi, January 30
A fire pit can be a beautiful and functional focal point of your backyard, but deciding on what kind of fire pit to getfalse

Exterior Medics Partnered With Luke’s Wings to Bring Soldiers Home

Mark Watson, January 18
Exterior Medics had the amazing opportunity to help veterans in need, thanks to Luke’s Wings. Luke’s Wings No Soldierfalse

How to Keep the Heat in Your Home Just Right

Mark Watson, January 16
Do you find yourself constantly feeling either too cold or too warm? Are you unsure of what the right balance isfalse