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6 Fireplace Design Ideas That Will Inspire You

Mark Watson, December 4
Is it time to update your fireplace? Or do you want to install a new one? Fireplaces can start to look dated prettyfalse

Creatures Lurking in the Dark: Why You Should Clean & Repair Gutters

Mark Watson, November 25
Do you know what's lurking inside your gutters? If you haven't been maintaining them, virtually anything could befalse

Healing Through Hope: Exterior Medics Sponsors Out of the Darkness Walk

Exterior Medics, November 21
Every 40 seconds, suicide claims the life of someone in the world. Though there is no single cause that can befalse

Curling Up By the Fire: Chimney Repair Checklist

Joe LeVecchi, November 11
It's the perfect time to settle in by a cozy fireplace. But before you do so, you need to make sure your chimneyfalse

How Commercial Gutter Cleaning Cuts Costs for Businesses

Joe LeVecchi, October 30
It may seem strange, but the health of your gutters can directly relate to the health of your building. While there mayfalse

How to Choose a Door for Harsh Weather Conditions

Mark Watson, October 29
If your home regularly experiences extreme weather, your exterior door could have a lot to do with your comfort levelfalse

Secure Your Property With Commercial Security Doors

Joe LeVecchi, October 18
Your business isn't truly protected unless you’ve installed high-quality commercial security doors. If your front doorsfalse

How to Keep Cold Air from Coming Through Windows

Mark Watson, October 10
You've made sure that your windows are securely shut, but it seems as though cold air is still coming in. Do youfalse

Your Cold Climate House Design Guide

Mark Watson, September 30
A house built in a cold area won’t necessarily have the best cold climate house design. Many home plans aren't madefalse

5 Ways to Reduce Multi-Family Property Roof Repairs

Mark Watson, September 30
Whether you're tired of fixing your existing roof, or you've just moved into a new multi-family property and want tofalse