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The Shades of Winter: 6 Color Schemes For Your Home

Joe LeVecchi, January 3

Winters in Northern Virginia can be brutally coldand depressingly gray. One creative way to fight the blues whilefalse


Mark Watson, December 23

Now that winter is officially upon us, nothing beats the heat and soothing crackling sound of a wood-burningfalse

Protect Your Deck: 6 Winter Tips

Joe LeVecchi, December 15

The Greater Washington winter months can be brutally cold. During the winter, your home's exterior, including yourfalse

Warm up your windows: insulation tips & tricks

Mark Watson, December 9

If your windows at home aren’t properly insulated during the winter months, you might as well be throwing moneyfalse

5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know

Mark Watson, November 13

Homeownership need not be so complicated. Here are five basic things to know if it's your first time owning a home.

3 Reasons For A Chimney Cap Installation

Joe LeVecchi, November 4

More than just the aesthetic value of chimneys with their neat masonry and a wholesome all-American home look andfalse

Where To FIND Used Pallets For Your Next DIY Project

Mark Watson, October 18

Ah yes! Pallets! From really cool Etsy items to your crafty neighbor’s latest DIY project, pallets are affordablyfalse

How To Install Sod

Joe LeVecchi, September 27

If your lawn needs some work and you’re thinking of filling the patchy areas with nice green and healthy grass, youfalse

Safety First! How To Powerwash Your Home Safely

Mark Watson, September 15

Although it sounds simple enough, pressure washing your home can get really complicated and even dangerous fast, iffalse

How To Test Your Gutters For Leaks

Joe LeVecchi, August 15

Gutters serve an incredibly important function on any home. Specifically, gutters work to safely direct rain waterfalse