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How Hot Weather Can Impact Your Home’s Exterior

Joe LeVecchi, July 7
As we approach the hottest month of the year, it's important to think about the changes the heat from the sun may causefalse

How Snow and Ice Can Affect Your Roof

Exterior Medics, January 19
Snow and ice are always seen as inconvenient. But it can be more than inconvenient; it can be dangerous. Snow and icefalse

How to Winterize Your Deck

Exterior Medics, December 8
Winter is officially here — and gone are the days of relaxing on the deck in the backyard. But that doesn't mean youfalse

Cold Weather Culprits: The Most Common Ways a Home Loses Energy

Exterior Medics, October 6
Fall is here, and winter is on its way. The cold weather is here to stay for a while, but we can remain comfortablefalse

How to Keep the Heat in Your Home Just Right

Mark Watson, January 16
Do you find yourself constantly feeling either too cold or too warm? Are you unsure of what the right balance isfalse

9 Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests for the Holidays

Joe LeVecchi, November 12
Don't wait until last minute! With the holiday season comes the holiday guests—last year, 40% of Americans traveledfalse

Safe, Sound, and Spooky: Prepping Your Home for Trick-or-Treaters

Joe LeVecchi, October 23
Millions of kids will hit the streets this year in search of candy and other goodies. Taking the time to prepare yourfalse

9 Must-Dos on Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Joe LeVecchi, September 21
Fall is on its way in, and winter weather will be here before we know it. To make sure that everything in and aroundfalse

How Severe Storms Can Damage Your Roof

Mark Watson, September 17
A sound roof is one of the most important elements for protecting your home. It's also the area most likely to sufferfalse

Exterior Medics Announces Expansion of Business into Fredericksburg, Virginia

Joe LeVecchi, April 1
Springfield, VA – April 1, 2018 – Exterior Medics, a leading remodeling and roofing contractor serving Northernfalse